There is no general order to apply makeup, but there should be a systematic way to apply makeup. 

Where do we start? 


Prepping the skin is important because it determine how easily the makeup goes on.

– Use your fingertips to apply skincare products on your face to feel the texture, and the whole palm to massage the product into the skin (fingertips are very sensitive, so you can feel where the skin is drier, or still feels dry).

Follow the skincare routine with a good latter of sunscreen like Sunplay Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Essence SPF50+ for optimum sun protection. This also sets the base for makeup.


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Here are my suggested makeup steps:

#1 Foundation (BB/Cushion/Liquid/Powder): To even out skin tone where needed.

#2 Concealer for discoloured skin areas: To hide under-eye dark circles and any skin redness.

#3 Lip balm: To allow your lips to get moisturised and soft before any lip makeup.

#4 Eyeshadow: Be it liquid, powder or cream-textured.

#5 Eyeliner: Always apply this before mascara. This way, your eyeliner would not be ruined by curled, mascara-coated lashes.

#6 Mascara: Use eyelash curler before putting on mascara.

#7 Eyebrow makeup: To frame your face.

#8 Blush: To add a healthy glow to the face.

#9 Contour: If required, and by applying blusher first, it prevents you from applying too much contouring powder.

#10 Lip makeup: Finish the makeup regime with your lip makeup.


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Need A Shortcut?
For those who want to do less and still look good, the minimal number of makeup I would suggest is: 

#1 Concealer

#2 Lip balm

#3 Eyeliner / mascara

#4 Eyebrow


Generally, you should focus on evening out your complexion before adding colour makeup from the upper part of the face downwards. 

Once this order becomes a habit, applying your everyday makeup can become a breeze and be kept within less than 10 minutes.