Singapore makeup artist, Larry Yeo, makeup, beautiful eyes, big eyes, makeup tricks, makeup tips

Singapore makeup artist, Larry Yeo, makeup, beautiful eyes, big eyes, makeup tricks, makeup tips



#1: Make Eye Whites Pop
When your eye whites look brighter, the eye white area appear bigger and your eyes look bigger. Line the lower water line with a nude eyeliner like the ones in the CoverFX Perfect Pencil range. (Choose a colour close to your skin tone.) It evens out the colour of the waterline and create a bigger eye white space, visually making the eye look bigger.

You can also do this: Use a light-reflecting shimmery sheer eyeshadow like Kose Esprique Select Eye Colour in PK 800 and apply as a last step after your eye makeup is done. Just use a touch of it and apply on the eyelid area just above the pupil. This not only gives your eye contour more dimension, it helps create the illusion of larger eye whites.

#2: Define Your Pupils
If you wear contact lenses, opt for a pair that come with darkened edges like the 1-Day Acuvue Define in Natural Shine. These make your iris appear more defined, making your peepers look bigger. These are also designed with highlights that would sit around the iris, adding a twinkle in every blink.


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#3: Frame Your Eyes
Add more depth into your lash line by using a tiny mascara wand to volumise the base of your lashes. IT Cosmetics Tightline Full Lash Length Black Mascara Primer is amazing at bringing a subtle definition to the eye.

It works for both top and bottom lashes, just to give an extra oomph either alone or before your everyday mascara. You know what is the best thing? It doesn’t smudge at all. If mascara is not your thing, use a black eyeliner and draw along the base of your upper lashes – be sure to fill in your waterline so you can’t a strip of beige between your eyeliner and your eyes.

#4: Curl Up
Use all the eyeliner you want, but you still need to curl your lashes. This make your eyes appear wider and more open. When lashes are not curled, they cast a shadow around the eyes, reducing the eye white area, and so making your eyes look smaller.