Getting straight eyelashes to stay curled up all day is dependent on several factors:

1) How naturally curled your eyelashes are,
2) How teary your eyes tend to be,
3) How oily your eyelids can get,
4) The amount of humidity you are exposed to throughout the day.

Straighter Than Straight Lashes

If your eye lashes are naturally super straight, you would find that it is a constant uphill struggle to keep them curled up due to how the lash grows along the lash line and also how stiff your lashes are.

With ultra straight lashes, I will suggest you use a mechanical eyelash curler. My absolute favourite has been Jill Stuart Eye Lash Curler (available in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan) – its perfect curled arc worked even for my shortest lash that points 45 degrees towards the floor.


Of Teary Eyes and Oily Lids
If you have sinus problems or tend to have watery eyes, coupled with a slight blockage in the tear ducts (which means most of the time, tears don’t get drain away), or that your eyelids are constantly oily or you have eye lids that fold packed to each other (read: smaller, double eyelids or hidden double eyelids), you’d find that tears and oil tend to gather on the creases of your eyelids.

As the eyelashes pick up your tears and sebum, it also means that most mascaras won’t last on your lashes. 

The mixture of tears and sebum can cause the mascara to smudge, and the eyelashes to straighten out. 

If this is the case for you, you should use solid, film-forming mascaras. After application, the mascara should wrap around each lash with a full film of mascara formula.

Most of the time, your eyelashes would feel slightly harder when the mascara has dried and set, and more watery – and not waxy – when freshly taken from the tube. 

For this, you can check out the waterproof mascaras from Dolly Wink, Majolica Majorca Lash King Film BK999 Black (pictured below), Clinique and Eyeko. Before applying mascara, be sure to dab away excess product on a clean piece of tissue paper to avoid mascara overload.


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Combat Humidity With Heat

If you are constantly on the go, or live in a constant humid environment, the curl of your lashes will be affected too. The humidity tends to rehydrate and add more moisture to the lashes, causing it to straighten out. 

To help combat this, use a heated eyelash curler that is designed for Asian eyes. Sephora makes small, handy heated eyelash curlers, while Sasa carries EyeCurl II, which creates amazing curls.

The best of heated lash curlers is Dior’s Diorshow Curlheating Lash Curler, which is not available in Singapore but can be bought online.

Just switch it on, follow instructions and your eyelash curl is revived! These heated curlers are also best used before you apply mascara. Here’s what you should do: Skip the mechanical eyelash curler and apply mascara directly on uncurled lashes. Then press the heated lash curler against your lashes to create beautiful curls.