Women who love girly makeup will be thrilled with the news that JILL STUART Beauty has opened a store here. The brand is already well-known internationally and is a hot favourite among women in Singapore. It’s not uncommon for women here to stock up on this brand’s products when they (or their very helpful friends) travel to countries like Japan, Hong Kong or Korea.

Jill Stuart is a designer from New York who has her own fashion line. In 2005, a decade after the launch of her brand, she developed this cosmetics brand together with KOSE Corporation. The Japanese influence is clear for all to see and that’s no surprise as Jill Stuart’s philosophy is ‘all for girls to be ‘kawaii’’.

The brand’s concept is ‘innocent sexy’ and its products are ‘a crowned jewel for every princess’. It’s for the woman who considers herself innocent, sexy, elegant, fun and savvy. It’s also known for its pretty, embellished silver packaging.

The sweet assortment

JILL STUART Beauty products feature ingredients such as lavender and rosehip oils, as well as wild rose and rosemary extracts. The store inside Sephora ION Orchard stocks its best-sellers, including the JILL STUART Lip Blossom lipstick, as well as its latest product, the JILL STUART Loose Blush.

JILL STUART Lip Blossom is a lipstick with a light and soft touch and feels just like placing flower petals on your lips. Both its freshness and colour are reminiscent of flower petals and it imparts a soft colour like no other. This shiny and moist lipstick brings colour with fresh lustre and translucence.

The lipstick is richly formulated with oils that melt at body temperature. It has an excellent moisturising effect which creates a soft and moist finish, for less conspicuous lip lines or chapped lips.

Available in 22 shades, the range is made from beauty essences including rosemary extract, lavender oil and avocado oil, with a crystal floral bouquet fragrance. The shades are gorgeous and there’s a colour for every occasion.

JILL STUART Loose Blush is an exciting new loose-powder type single colour blush with a soft puff stick that creates a rosy natural look and delicate shimmer as if it has gently melted onto your cheek. It feels just like cotton candy and is oh-so-feminine, right down to the way you apply it.

Available in five colours – with cute names like cotton candy, fluffy flower, cherished love, sunday brunch and baby butterfly – it also features the beauty essences rosemary extract, lavender oil and avocado oil, with a crystal floral bouquet fragrance.

Don’t wait too long to try these products (and more); head to the store or Sephora’s website to enjoy some special offers to celebrate the launch of JILL STUART Beauty in Singapore.

Exclusive offers

Specially for Sephora ION Orchard customers, from 29 March to 11 April, get a free JILL STUART Compact Mirror with any purchase. Also, from 7-8 April, get your personalised JILL STUART Lip Blossom with complimentary name engraving.

There are two more offers exclusive to Sephora online customers, valid from 29 March – get a free JILL STUART Lip Blossom mini palette with any purchase, or $100 or more to get a JILL STUART Hand Mirror.

Note: premiums are offered while stocks last.