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There are new makeup brushes popping up ever so often. And like makeup, they tend to be hits or misses. Misses in the sense where, that intricately-angled brush just doesn’t quite blend things out as seamlessly as your conventional fluffy one. So… we pass. But when these new brushes do hit (the right spot, some may say), sparks fly – and it’s as if we’ve unearthed something special. They may not necessarily be used in their intended way, but that’s the beauty of, well, beauty, right? That there are no rules – but always room to (literally) brush up on your brushes. 

Below, new brushes and how to use them for your best game face:

For concealer

The old tool: A small flat brush to apply concealer.
What’s better: A silicone-tipped brush like Shiseido’s Daiya Fude Face Duo ($65).
Why: The jelly-like sponge at one end blends concealer seamlessly without streaks or patches (which tend to result from using fingers or a flat brush). Use the bristled end to buff some setting powder.

For contouring powder

The old tool: A small angled brush or big fluffy brush for contouring powder.
What’s better: An angled fluffy fan brush like Nyx Professional Makeup’s Face & Body Brush ($33).
Why: When used horizontally, the brush fits right in the hollow of your cheek for the quickest, cleanest and most flawless contouring action.

For pressed highlighting powder

The old tool: A fan brush or dense, rounded brush for pressed highlighter powder.
What’s better: The shark-tooth brush, like Fenty Beauty’s Cheek-hugging Highlight Brush 120 ($48).
Why: The angled groove hugs cheek contours so you can buff and blend the right amount of highlighter over the highest point of the cheekbones.

For loose highlighting powder

The old tool: A fan brush for loose shimmer powder.
What’s better: A dense, tapered, oval-shaped brush like 13rushes’ Precision Highlighter ($19).
Why: Loose shimmer packs a lot of pigment, which can end up as a streak on your cheek. A denser brush disperses it more evenly, and the tapered tip blends it seamlessly.

This story first appeared in the April 2019 of Her World magazine.