While there certainly is no dearth of aesthetic treatments available today, it can be quite a challenge to find the right place and the right hands to get the job done. After all, nobody wants to leave a clinic with more issues than before you came for the treatment. That’s where Dr Chua Cheng Yu and his aesthetic clinic, Veritas Medical Aesthetic, come into the picture.

Backed with training in various surgical departments, including facial plastic surgery, 33-year-old Dr Chua definitely boasts a wealth of information and expertise that would ensure his patients are in good hands. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a looker.

We spoke to Dr Chua to find out more about his beginnings, some of the trends in cosmetic aesthetic treatments and what goes on in an aesthetic doctor’s clinic.


An accidental encounter

Dr Chua entered the aesthetic industry almost by chance. His journey to Veritas Medical Aesthetics had many pit stops along the way. His stint at the otorhinolaryngology clinic was his first foray into facial plastics. It was there where he started embarking on simple level surgery.

When he stopped doing surgery, he saw an opportunity in aesthetic treatments and procedures. Since then Dr Chua’s practice has expanded into his own clinic that opened late last year. He specialises in treating beauty woes like ageing skin and acne scars with the use of non-invasive machines and procedures.


Natural beauty trend

“One of the biggest indicators (that a surgery has gone well) is when the face looks untouched. If it’s subtle enough to go unnoticed,” said Dr Chua. In recent times, Singaporeans are favouring “natural looking” cosmetic enhancements such as facial fillers and botox (to achieve a slimmer face) over drastic procedures.

According to Dr. Chua, while there are more patients who would show him pictures of celebrities they aspire to look like, more patients are starting to realise that some celebrities can look too overdone and fake. There is an emerging trend of patients showing him pictures of themselves in their younger days. “I had a patient who actually showed me a picture of herself when she was 12! She wanted to slim down her face recreate the face shape she had as a teen” shared Dr Chua.


Dispelling misconceptions

While embarking in a career as an aesthetic doctor has a high potential to rake in big bucks, making money is not his primary motivation. Dr Chua revealed that he would always turn down the patient if he deemed the procedure unsuitable for the patient.

In fact, he does this quite often (at least a couple of times a week). He recounted this incident where he turned down a lady in her 50s who came in asking for botox for her wrinkles. Because wrinkles are fixed static lines, better results can be achieved with fillers instead of botox.

“A lot of patient come in wrongly asking for it (procedures), thinking they need it when they done. I’ve seen many patients suffering unnecessary side effects from injections they don’t need. It’s not just side effects but deformities actually arise too. You don’t need injections more than a certain time frame. For instance, some people need one to two injections in a year. Once you reach that, you would reach that permanent state and any more (injections) can affect the proportion of the face,” added Dr Chua.


Attention to detail

If you’re going for an aesthetic treatment, Dr Chua recommends reading up to understand the treatment you are going for. He also stressed the importance of adopting self-care tips like applying sunscreen religiously. Lastly, Dr Chua also underscored the need to go to a professional who is trained and knows your condition well.

Veritas Medical Aesthetics is located at 13 Stamford Rd, B2-36/37, Capitol Piazza, S178950