Credit: Instagram/naildeck

For those of us who have periods, that time of the month often means suffering through painful cramps and various other accompanying ailments in silence.

If you’re tired of the stigma associated with menstruation, or simply wish to celebrate the natural bodily function, homegrown cosmetics brand Nail Deck and period products company Blood have got you covered with their latest launch — two period-themed nail polishes.

The collection consists of Day 2, a deep red described as “the pinnacle of your period”, and Day Off, a neutral beige representing the “calm after a red storm”.

The polishes are in Nail Deck’s Aquajellie formula, which is vegan, cruelty-free, nine-free, and can be peeled off.

Introducing the collection on Instagram, Nail Deck founder Daryl Chew shared: “I’m sure 90 per cent of you know by now that I’m a guy and while I can’t say that I have experienced periods or period cramps, I can say that I’ve seen how real the pain is — from my sisters having to skip school or vomit from the pain, to my wife celebrating being pregnant so that she can have nine months off her period cramps.

“While our products are not as personal as period care, I’ve seen firsthand over the last 10 years how personal nail colours can be for you too especially when it comes to very specific shades that you like.”

With that in mind, the two nail polishes are intended to “bridge the gap between your period days, good days and all that’s in between”, Chew added.

The polishes are available on Blood’s website at $19 for one bottle and $36 for the aptly named Full Cycle bundle containing both colours.

This article was first published in Asiaone.