Tips and advice from Meghan Markle’s Makeup Artist and Her Favourite Beauty Products

Photo: Kensingtonroyal/Instagram


If you have always loved the Duchess of Sussex’s beauty look at her grand wedding, we’ve got some good news for you. We spoke to her makeup artist Daniel Martin and got him to spill the deets on his (and her) favourite products, tips on how to make your makeup last longer in humid climates such as Singapore and more.


Your wedding makeup look does not necessarily have to be thick

“For a regular person, a wedding is like their red carpet. However, I believe that they should not look like a different person or there will not be any connection. It is important to look like the best version of yourself rather than not feeling like yourself at all. My tip: start a Pinterest page to help your makeup artist achieve the look of your dreams,” says Daniel. 

Meghan Markel and Daniel Martin’s favourite products?

“I love using Skin Inc’s serums together with the Dior Forever foundation. I prefer to stay away from primers as most of them are silicone-based, which can actually affect the skincare and foundation that you apply.

In Singapore’s weather, you should look for water-based products and always apply an eyeshadow primer to ensure it stays on throughout the day without creasing or budging,” he elaborates. “Meghan is not fussy with her makeup. She usually does her own makeup so it’s about what she can do with what she has. She also focuses on clean beauty brands like Tatcha and Honest Beauty.”



Daniel’s #1 advice: Less is more

“In the west, it has always been about full makeup. Meghan’s pared-down wedding look changed the game. It enabled people to look at her in a natural way, and allowed them to be more accepting of the trends in Asia. You do not need all this makeup to make yourself feel better,” says Daniel.


Clean and efficient products are the future of skincare

Daniel breaks it down this way: “Women want to see results after using a product and more importantly, results without having to pile on a ton of products on their skin. They prefer having a pared-down routine which still allows them to see results almost immediately. Additionally, women are also looking at products made with cleaner ingredients.”


Exciting products he has tried?

“I’ve been really loving the Troy Surratt’s Lid Lacquers (which are basically glosses for your peepers) from his label, Surratt Beauty – I really like multipurpose products that I can use on different parts of the face. For Asian brands, I like Clio’s liquid eyeliner and a brand that I am really interested in is Peripera, a colour cosmetics speciality brand,” says Daniel.


Plus, the one product that he wished someone would invent already

“A lightweight complexion corrector applied underneath makeup that won’t affect the foundation that goes on after,” says Daniel. 


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