Lancome celebrates and empowers women, from entrepreneurs to a dog behaviourist and a pastry chef.


Makeup by Lina Tock, Lancome national makeup artist

Beauty isn’t just external – raw inner beauty can instantly light up a room, says the mother and businesswoman. Once a painfully shy teenager, the founder of model agency Mint Singapore believes that when you commit to working through your issues, it creates a more grounded, authentic and beautiful person.

How do you inspire others?
“I unapologetically love myself. By committing to myself through experiences such as travel, hobbies like horse riding and fishing, exercise and taking time to nurture my soul, I can be an individual with wants and needs on top of being a mother, businesswoman, daughter, and any other aspect that others depend on.”

How do you balance being a mum and an entrepreneur?
“By knowing what keeps me happy. My son and my business are my babies – and I’m devoted to them at all times. I make a distinction between being busy and being stressed, and it fuels me with more energy to get through the day.”

What do you think is your greatest accomplishment so far, and why?
“Giving light to an industry that is plagued with negativity and superficiality. One doesn’t have to be a certain height, or look a certain way, to be a model. Mint’s pledge is that anyone can be a model with their existing age, shape, size, colour and gender; it’s a simple action of matching the right model to the project that suits them.”

How does makeup empower you?
“Makeup empowers by presenting you with a way to decide how you want to look. I use makeup to accentuate my look – whether I want to look glamorous for events and galas, or am going basic with groomed eyebrows, blusher and light foundation. The last thing I want to project to the world is that I’m hiding any aspect of myself.”


Makeup by Sharon Tan, Lancome senior makeup artist

The multi-tasker who used to run her own public relations agency now runs for dog charities, and is also a dog behaviourist and trainer, a part-time lecturer at Lasalle College of the Arts, and a certified fitness trainer.

Where does your power come from?
“From my mind, and from the support of people around me. I believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I like to conquer my fears and not be a prisoner to them.”

How do you find the power to stay motivated?
“think about why I run: I run to raise awareness and funds for rescue dogs in Singapore. I also want my fitness journey to inspire others to embark on their own. It is never too late, and you are never too old to start looking after yourself.”

How do you inspire others?
“Through my actions and the way I live my life. I believe change has to start with and from within me, and when others can see the positive results in my life, it will inspire them in their lives too.”

What do you think is your greatest accomplishment so far, and why?
“When I completed Translantau 50 in March 2017, a 50km race on Lantau Island in Hong Kong – my first ultra trail race and my longest distance to date. I overcame my fear of darkness and insects, and got out of my comfort zone as a city girl to conquer the 50km of mountain trails at 2,300m with only four months of training. I am very proud of myself for not giving up during the race. The cut-off time was 13 hours, and I completed my race in 10 hours 53 minutes.”

How does makeup empower you?
“When you look good, you feel good. Makeup is a way to enhance our natural beauty, and not a mask to hide our insecurities. It enables you to present and express yourself in the best way that you want to be perceived.”


Makeup by Sharon Tan, Lancome senior makeup artist

The award-winning pastry chef at two-Michelin-starred French restaurant Les Amis believes in hard work and dedication. She embarked on a quest to hone her skills that led her to work in Paris, Dubai, Macau, Italy and Hong Kong before returning to Singapore. Cheryl’s tarts were so popular with diners that the restaurant’s owners set up a joint venture with her called Tarte by Cheryl Koh.

Where does your power come from?
“Creating desserts not only brings me great joy, I also enjoy delighting people through my desserts. That motivates me to keep creating.”

How do you inspire others?
“I believe in leading by example. I am constantly learning and growing as a person and as a chef, so I can strive to do better.”

What would you tell young women who would like to do what you do?
“Have ambition, pursue your goals and dreams, have the patience and resilience to get through difficult times, surround yourself with good people who root for you and support you, and be in love with what you do.”

Name one woman who inspires you the most.
“My mum. She is a strong and powerful woman who has inspired me to work hard and have good work ethics.”

How does makeup empower you?
“It empowers me to present myself in exactly the way I choose.”

What do you think is your greatest accomplishment so far, and why?
“I still feel like I’m just starting out every day, every new year. There are changing goals, and new challenges to improve and do better. I don’t feel that I have a ‘greatest accomplishment’ so far. I’m not in a rush to be ‘accomplished’.”


Makeup by Lina Tock, Lancome national makeup artist

Practising and teaching yoga brought Theresa so much joy and fulfilment that she started online portal, Soulscape, to connect and inspire the yoga community. The former television and film producer also created Madana, her brand of eco-friendly yoga products and accessories. She says the most important “power” in entrepreneurship is the ability to bounce back from failure.

What does having power mean?
“It means having the ability to control my chosen path in life.”

How do you find the power to stay motivated to pursue your ambition?
“It comes from my determination to succeed. At times when things are not working out as planned, you really have to dig deep within to find the motivation. I also have my business partner – we keep each other accountable, and motivated when the other is down.”

What do you think is your greatest accomplishment so far?
“That would be conceptualising and executing the Soulscape: Yoga and Mindful Movement Festival. The event had more than 2,000 attendees, 30 vendors, 25 instructors and artists, and 20 workshops. And also, bringing my yoga mat brand, Madana, to life.”

How do you inspire others?
“By walking the talk, and sharing my thoughts and experiences while doing so.”

How does makeup empower you in your daily life?
“It helps me feel beautiful and that helps me feel confident.”

What do you look for in a foundation?
“I prefer a natural makeup look so I would look for foundations that give a natural finish and feel weightless on my skin.”

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