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Q: I love the white eyeliner look at Valentino’s A/W 2017 Couture show. How do I wear white eyeliner without it seeming too stark or unnatural? 


#1. Balance is key

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“It is such a pretty look from the Valentino show. I love how Pat McGrath created that contrast between the eyes and natural beautiful skin,” says Larry.

“And frankly, I think most of us can carry off the white eyeliner trend.” The trick, he says, is to focus on bringing out the striking eye makeup and keeping the complexion muted and natural. Otherwise, it dilutes the look.


#2 Lay the right foundation

The ideal foundation application is actually really simple. First, apply a liquid foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone. Try YSL Beauté‘s All Hours Liquid Foundation ($98 from all Yves Saint Laurent Beauté counters) – there are 22 shades in the range so you’re sure to find the right one. Now for the actual application  Spread a very thin layer across the whole face for overall smoothness and eveness, then add a touch more foundation just on selected areas that require morecoverage. This looks more natural than if your used a concealer.


#3. Amp up your lashes

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Make your lashes look denser and fuller with a double coat of mascara, and don’t worry about a little clumpiness as it adds bulk to fine or sparse lashes. A good one to try is Revlon’s Ultimate All-In-One Mascara Waterproof ($19.90 from Guardian). Using a zig-zag motion, apply the mascara starting from the base of lashes – this will ensure more product is deposited there. Then apply a second coat, again by zig-zagging on the lash line. With more mascara dposited along the lash line, this creates a subtle eyeliner look, which gives a contrast to the white liner so that the colour pops.


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#4. Go monochromatic

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For the easiest, most wearable look, simply use a white eyeliner like Kat Von D Ink Liner ($31 from Sephora) in Neruda under your everyday black eyeliner. “First, draw a thicker line with the white eyeliner, then amp up eye definition by using black eyeliner close to the lash line, keeping the black stroke as thin as possible so that the white shows up underneath,” says Larry.



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