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If you’ve always wondered what makes a woman attractive in the eyes of men, a study from the National Centre for Scientific Research in Paris might just have your answer.

A study led by Dr. Julien Renoult from the National Centre for Scientific Research in Paris found that men prefer sparse and simpler faces without unusual features because simpler faces are easier for our brain to process, hence, easier on the eyes (literally).

169 men in Montpellier, France, were surveyed to evaluate the attractiveness of 168 women aged between 18 to 26, on a scale of 0 to 20, 0 being least attractive and 20 being the highest. Photos of the 168 women were also placed side by side and the men surveyed were asked to pick the face they found most attractive. Using the data from the two experiments, Dr. Renoult found a strong correlation between sparse faces with a smoother texture and less wrinkles and attractiveness.

While you can’t turn back time or get rid of the unevenness on your skin overnight, you can harness the power of makeup to make yourself look more attractive to the opposite sex. Here are some makeup tips that will help you to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and create the appearance of a smoother complexion.


Prime to perfection

Primers are absolute must-haves in your makeup arsenal. A good primer does it all – moisturise, plump the skin and minimise the appearance of fine lines, pores and wrinkles. With the right primer, your foundation will glide on smoothly instead of settling into and accentuating fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Always opt for a lightweight primer infused with silica that helps to “fill in” your pores and use it sparingly so your makeup looks natural.

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Building the foundation

When it comes to masking unevenness on the face, always opt for a foundation shade that is closest to your complexion, that way your skin will look smooth and natural. If you use the wrong shade, you might emphasize any form of blotchiness and discoloration. It might sound counterintuitive but steer clear of heavy foundations because that would make fine lines and wrinkles more obvious. Instead, look out for words like “sheer” and “lightweight” when picking up a foundation.

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Absorb your imperfections

Take off any excess foundation by tapping a damp makeup sponge on parts of your face like on your laugh lines, around your nose and under your eyes where it tends to crease. The famed BeautyBlender’s oval shape is perfect for getting into the areas around your nose and under your eyes.


Tap it on

Whether you’re using a brush or your god given fingers, always apply your foundation in a tapping motion. If you use a rubbing motion, you’ll only push the foundation around and cause more streaks and accentuate any unevenness and imperfections.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But it doesn’t hurt to feel more confident in your own skin and score a date or two in the process. If makeup gives you that confidence boost you need, go ahead and blend away.

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