Here’s the thing. You’ve got a cute dinner date all planned out after work but you don’t have the luxury of time to go home and change (maybe try these versatile jumpsuits).

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Nor are you going to cram another set of outfit into your bag because carrying a bulky bag to a date is a definite no. Needless to say, when it comes to beauty, we know firsthand it can be a tricky transition from work to play – what with the impossible task of perfecting that sultry winged liner in a moving vehicle and more. So, what should you do?

Simple. We’ve got five trusty tips from Make Up Store’s resident Makeup Artist, Ikkee, on how to break out your usual office makeup routine and crank up that flirty look easily. Trust us, you’ll be date-ready in no time.


“Use a blotting powder to double up as a finishing powder”

After a whole day at work, your face could potentially be in a high-shine state with all that excess sebum produced. Naturally, you’ll opt for a blotting powder, which Ikkee suggests to double up as a finishing powder. That way, you can have the best of both worlds without weighing down your makeup pouch.  

Laura Mercier shine control pressed setting powder, $36

“Bring along your eye cream to erase liner or mascara mistakes”

Now here’s the tricky moving-vehicle-eyeliner situation. To avoid all of that, bring along your eye contour cream. This can help in erasing any liner or mascara mistakes you make when you’re in a moving vehicle. How? Simply by dabbing some onto a cotton bud before swiping the affected area.

Bonus: Instead of wiping off any of your under-eye concealer, you’re smoothening it out for a satin finish.

Make Up Store, eye contour cream, $24

“Simple and efficient contouring with a stick”

“With a simple stroke, you instantly elevate your look by defining your cheekbones,” Ikkee advises. We know, there’s just not enough time for you to dish out your contour kit and brushes to elegantly sculpt your face.

So, try a duo contour stick where you get to precisely draw a line along the areas where you wish to contour before blending it out with your fingers. Then, finish the look by highlighting the highest points of the face and you’re sorted. Fast, effective and super portable.

Nars sculpting multiple duo stick, $60 from Sephora


“Add depth to your eyes with eyeshadow”

If you have the time to create a smoky-eyed look, bring along a palette with you. If not, simply dab on a little bronze eyeshadow and deepen the crease line to create a more deep set pair of eyes. Read here for more in-depth easy eye makeup tricks.

Make Up Store microshadow trio in Amazing, $27


“Make your eyes pop with glitter liner”

“Using a glitter liner will instantly make your eyes pop. It is very versatile; you can use it brighten your lower lash line or simply use it as a regular liner.” For a more natural finish, Ikkee recommends a soft pink glitter for the lower lash line.

Make Up Store glitter liner in soft pink, $17