TBRH (to be really honest), there are no rules when it comes to makeup. We’d like to think of the “must-dos” or “can’t-dos” more as guidelines, though really; your face is your canvas. And there will come a time where you’d just want to scr*w the “rules” and play with makeup however you wish.

That said, if you’re ever in looking for that push, girlfriend, the time is now. Below, we “debunk” some of the most common makeup myths, and show you how you can still look fab going against the basic tide. 


The old rule: Those with Asian skin tones should never wear orange
Break it: Splash out with a wash of burnt-orange eyeshadow and a lipstick with a soft orange undertone.


The old rule: Your lip liner must match your lipstick exactly
Break it: Do this attention-grabbing dual-tone lip. A darker lip liner to outline the mouth, paired with a lighter lippie in a different shade.


The old rule: It’s not complete if you have eye makeup on, but no mascara
Break it: Skip the hassle of removing mascara at the end of the day by leaving it out totally. Keep your eye makeup simple, stylish and subtle – try this single graphic stroke of white eyeliner.


The old rule: Never completely rim eyes with eyeliner, it makes them look small
Break it: There’s nothing wrong with smaller-looking eyes. And this look is totes edgy. But do it in an unexpected colour like purple or teal.


The old rule: Never do strong lips with strong eyes
Break it: The key is to make it look deliberate. Use eye and lip colours of similar hues, and don’t forget – wear this bold look with a dose of attitude.

This story first appeared in the July issue of Her World magazine.