We’re perennially guilty of picking at our pimples (no matter how many times we’ve been told not to) so we’ve only got ourselves to blame when it comes to the splotchy scars we are plagued with.

Although makeup may be the conventional approach to hide these grisly guys, certain products or application techniques may end up highlighting them as opposed to tucking them away in obscuration.

Read on to step up your concealer game, we’re sharing the best makeup tips and tricks that’ll camouflage every acne scar effectively. 




Prime of your life


Prep your complexion with a primer to fill in scarring and smooth over your problem areas. Take this lightweight mousse primer from Shu Uemura for example. It’s really lightweight, and absorbs into the skin to leave a beautiful matte surface devoid of bumps and craters. For those with an oily T-zone, you’ll revel in the fact that this primer has mild oil-controlling properties to help ensure longevity of the rest of your makeup throughout the working day.

Or, invest in a primer with blurring properties. Rihanna’s eponymous beauty line offers a pore-diffusing primer with a soft matte finish to help us completely cuts down on our shine. If you enjoy lightweight primers which feel a lot like face lotions, you’ll be quick to jump aboard the Fenty Beauty bandwagon when you get a feel of the smooth, weightless yogurt-like formula. This universally flattering primer will visually shrink pores and absorb shine with a diffused blur-like effect to veil & conceal imperfections effectively.

Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse POREraser CC, $65; Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer, $48


Stay matte


Foundations that lean on the luminous, dewy side tend to bring out bumpy texture and uneven skin. Ergo, avoid smothering your face in glowy-type foundations. A matte finish, on the other hand, absorbs light and works to soften the appearance of textured skin. If oily, pigmented acne-scarring has been terrorising your complexion, here’s what you should be looking out for : A matte, high coverage formula that’s also lightweight. A prime example is Burberry’s Cashmere foundation, which also happens to be our favourite foundation for achieving a velvety soft complexion.

Burberry Cashmere Foundation, $85


Stipple, not stroke


Press foundation into your skin using a stippling motion with a lightweight fluffy brush. Press foundation into your skin using a stippling method with a lightweight fluffy brush. A stippling motion can be described as using the brush to tap and press the product onto your skin gently. On the other hand, sweeping a brush across your skin can cause your foundation to appear streaky, or may even emphasise dry, scaly skin. When you use a stippling motion to blend out a product, it’ll better meld and fill in the spots that need the most coverage. We recommend the stippling brush from Real Techniques for its super soft bristles and airbrush-finish effect.


Real Techniques Stippling Brush, $18


The right concealer



Dermablend’s Quick-Fix concealer is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to concealing acne scars. It’s creamy, has high coverage and is perfect to use in a pinch. That said, this stuff can go on really thick and heavy, so go in with a light hand and avoid overburdening it with a thick layer.


Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer Stick, Price Unavailable


X marks the spot


Apply concealer to problem spots in a small cross, literally. The X will cover each side of blemish, with the most product deposited on the centre of for the best coverage where it’s needed. Use a small, pointed concealer brush to make the X with concealer on each blemish and tap lightly with your finger to blend and diffuse.


Setting powder that doesn’t accentuate skin texture

Here comes the tricky part: Finding the right finishing powder to lock in all your efforts. Some finishing powders may end up looking cakey – a huge no-no. We recommend the 100% silica translucent powder from RMS for its ultra-fine and light formula. This powder settles like a light veil on the skin and reflects light for a soft focus effect that obscures imperfections. It’s like a second skin that’s silky to the touch with a miraculously poreless finish.

RMS “UN” Powder, $55