Q&A with Singapore makeup artist Larry Yeo: How to make your concealer last all day(Image: 123rf.com)


Why Your Concealer Doesn’t Last
Before we begin, you need understand what affects the longevity of concealer once applied on your skin.

#1: Blocked tear ducts
If you have sinus or nasal allergies, you will find that your concealer under the eyes and at the outer eye corners tends to crease easily. Nose infections and chronic sinusitis may irritate the tissues, and block the tear duct. When that happens, your eyes get watery.

#2: How you prep the skin under the eyes
A lot of people apply an excessive amount of eye cream under the eyes. And this makes the skin greasy, making it impossible for the concealer to stay put.

#3: Emolliency of under-eye concealer
This refers to the ability of the concealer to soften and moisturise the skin. When your under-eye concealer is too moisturising, it will smudge due to our humid weather.

#4: Amount of concealer you apply
When you apply too much concealer, it would cake and dry up, and slide off.


Step #1: You should always prep the under-eye area so that it is just hydrated enough to hold the concealer. I really like Bottega Verde’s Phytovital Concentrated Eye Brightener. It has a lightweight texture and yet is dense enough to make your skin feel conditioned. Its formulation also holds concealer very well.

Step #2 & #3: Use the ones from the R colour range of Make Up For Ever HD Ultra Concealer to take away the grey tint under your eyes (R refers to colours with red undertones), before layering on an under-eye concealer like the M.A.C Pro-Longwear Concealer (which I love!) It gives a medium to full coverage so you should only apply it on areas where you need more coverage.

Step #4: Finally, to set the concealer in its place, pat on loose powder using a fluffy brush. Choose a powder that is non-drying and does not add too much colour on the skin. Try the Moonshot Powder Fixer with 13rushes Jumbo Shader brush. Always start from the outer eye corners and pat your way inwards. 

This will make your under-eye concealer lasts for six to eight hours. You would need to touch up after after due to our humid weather.


For touch-ups
It is best to use the YSL Beaute Touche Eclat. Opt for a shade that matches your skin tone (never too light). If you are tanned, or have yellow skin tone, pick your perfect Touche Eclat from the .5 colour range (1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, 5.5) for a closer colour match.