From BB cushions to ombre lips, Korea has been churning out beauty trends faster than you can click ‘Buy’. The latest trend from Asia’s beauty capital: a lipstick-layering hack that can expand your beauty wardrobe exponentially. 

Whatever your favourite lip colour, Laneige will stretch it further with two mixing shades, Exotic Yellow and Forest Fantasy that were launched as part of the newly reformulated Silk Intense Lipstick, $36. All you have to do is layer it over your original lipstick to transform it to a different colour. 

In other words, you can now personalise any lipstick from your statement reds, to your favourite pink staples, and even odd shades that you regret buying or no longer complement your skin tone. 

“There is a stronger desire for personal colour today. Fashion trends may say certain colours are best, but these may not be the best colours for you. These mixing colours allow you to fine-tune any lip colour to optimise your personal style,” says Jeongmin Cho, brand manager at Laneige South Korea.


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Before you start layering your other lipsticks, bear in mind that not all lipsticks can be used as a topcoat. If your lipstick is too matte and opaque, it will obscure the colour of the underlying lipstick and make layering pointless. 

Silk Intense Lipstick works well as a layering lipstick because one layer of the formula delivers a translucent and satin-like finish. A new ultra-micronized pigment technology also makes pigments infinitely smaller for vivid, high-definition colour when worn as a topcoat, base coat, or on its own. 

This exciting launch features 35 new shades, including the two mixing colours. And the good news is: Singapore is the only country to offer all 35 shades. (That’s right, even Laneige’s home country, South Korea, only carries 33 shades!) That gives us 101 permutations. So why not indulge your inner beauty chameleon and stretch your lip wardrobe?


#1 Tone Up Your Lipstick 

Exotic Yellow is arguably your best summer investment. When layered over lipstick, it brightens and warms up any lipstick colour, and can transform cool rose into flamingo pink, and classic red into sunny coral. If you’re rocking a new tan (preferably from a bronzer, and not from baking in the sun), it can also make your lipstick pop and accentuate your golden glow.

#2 Tone Down Your Lipstick

If you want to tone your bright lippies down a notch, simply layer on Forest Fantasy. This grey mixing colour gives your lipstick a cooler and more understated finish. When paired with red, it can also achieve the ‘dry rose’ lip colour that is so popular with Korean celebrities at photo shoots, says South Korean celebrity makeup artist Ryu Hyun Jung.  

#3 Get A Translucent Glow

Thanks to its translucent, buildable formula, this same Silk Intense Lipstick can vary in intensity. In other words, even when wearing bold colours such as Bloody Burgundy or Clean Effect (red), you can achieve a clear, understated and wearable finish by simply applying one layer. 

#4 Create Bold Statement Lips

To turn heads, pick statement colours such as Get The Red (Song Hye Kyo’s favourite shade from the range). For more precision and definition, Hyun Jung recommends using a lip brush and working from the outer lips towards the inner lips. Layer on two to three layers for maximum impact. Another bonus tip from the makeup artist: use a cool-toned BB cushion to make cool reds appear more vivid.

#5 Achieve Feminine Pink Pout

If you’re going for a natural blushing effect, Hyun Jung recommends a softer approach. Tap a pink shade like Love Me New Me to the centre of lips and work your way outwards so that there is stronger colour at the centre and less colour at the outer edges. “Skip the lip liner and smudge your lip line,” she says. 

#6 Ace The Ombre Effect

The two mixing colours Exotic Yellow and Forest Fantasy can be used to achieve ombre lips with any lipstick. Simply apply your favourite lip colour, and then apply one of the mixing colour to the outer edges of your lips. 

#7 Make It Last Through Lunch

Silk Intense Lipstick was inspired by luxurious fabrics, and features silk-like polymers and fibres for comfort and long-wear. However, if you want it to last through lunch and bubble tea, Tina Oh, training manager of Laneige Singapore recommends a five-step hack. “Apply a thin layer of lipstick, blot it off lightly with tissue, apply another thin layer of lipstick, dust lips with a little loose powder, and finish off with your final layer of lipstick,” she shares.

#8 Wear Lipstick On Your Cheeks

The coral and pink lipsticks within the range can double up as blusher. Simply dot the lipstick on the apple of your cheeks and blend with your fingers. “Never apply cheek colour below the nose level, or too close to your nose though, as this will make your face appear larger and saggy,” Tina explains. 

#9 Using Lipstick As Eye Makeup

When it comes to using Silk Intense Lipstick on your eyes, you can afford to be more creative and use any colour from the range. “Just remember to dust a little loose powder on the eyelids after using this lipstick as an eyeshadow. Otherwise, the creamy texture may create a crease or smudge in our humid weather,” shares Tina.

#10 Soften And Rehydrate Puckers

As you know, parched lips won’t hold colour well. Tina recommends exfoliating dead cells and softening lips by brushing lips with soft-bristle toothbrush. Or, simply use Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, $27. “When my lips get dry and flaky, I apply this Lip Sleeping Mask to exfoliate and moisturise my lips,” shares K-drama queen Song Hye Kyo.


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