After almost a biennial of plastered pouts and flaky lips, we’re ready to do away with the longstanding matte lipsticks. Seriously, our puckers have suffered enough distress in the name of beauty.It’s almost quintessential that we take a step back and unearth a more pain-free-but-still-flattering-type lipstick that’ll kick mattes to the curb. And just as we’ve hoped, the beauty world seems to be on the same page as us; casting the spotlight away from mattes and onto its balmier counterpart – lip glosses – this season.




We’d unabashedly claim the title of glosses’ biggest advocate. But why exactly do we support this notion so fervently, you may ask. Shouldn’t we, instead, veer away from the culprits behind sticky lips that seem to have a magnetic attraction to our loose hair strands?

Despite its shortcomings (which also include its magical disappearing act with every sip of water we take), we can’t help but fall in love with the 20s’ high-flying pout plumper. What can we say? We’re just a sucker for bump-less, smooth applications that leave our lips looking lusciously fuller.

Glosses just aren’t as high-maintenance as mattes. As long as a lipstick has a sheen and is creamy, it completely dissipates the struggle of searching for the right shade to match your skin tone. When a solid lip colour is matte, it pulls off heavier on the lips – and that’s when undertones come to play and affect how flattering (or not) the colour composite will be. But when there’s sheerness and luminosity to the lipstick, it will be universally flattering on any skin tone.


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Glosses also make the case for a natural, youthful glow. Case in point: While at the Gala Screening of I AM NOT MADAME BOVARY in Taipei, Fan Bing Bing’s light-reflective coral gloss gave her a refreshing look. 



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Fann Wong has also indulged in a pinkish nude gloss to brandish off-duty elegance.  

To dive right into the trend, check out  our picks of lust-worthy glosses to give your lips a little treat.



Nudey pinks

(L – R) Nars Lipgloss – Turkish Delight, $38; Marc Jacobs Lip Lacquer – Pretty Thing, $42; Hourglass Lip Gloss – Truth, $46


90s’ nudes
Vibrant reds