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First, there was the seven skin skincare method that involved the use of a hydrating toner, which was to be applied to skin seven times. Then, there was the glass skin trend and honey skin hype, which were basically terms to describe dewy, plump and smooth skin. Clearly, South Korea has cemented itself as a beauty mecca, what with the many popular trends and innovative products influencing the entire beauty industry. But recently, there has been a new Korean makeup trend that has been gaining attention.

Known as the juicy makeup look, it essentially involves a dewy, healthy-looking complexion with flushed cheeks, similar to that of a juicy piece of fruit. The best thing about it is that it’s easy to do and simple even for beginners. This everyday makeup look is super fuss-free and quick, ideal for women on-the-go.



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However, having good skin is a crucial part to recreating the look as it places emphasis on clear, dewy skin. Before applying your creams and serums, always remember to exfoliate your skin. Many of us tend to forget the importance of exfoliating and instead just rely on applying copious amounts of products. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells to reveal a clearer, brighter and smoother complexion.

Another skincare product you can’t skip if you want to achieve that K-beauty dewy glow is a good moisturiser. Opt for one that not only intensely hydrates without being too heavy, but also plumps and softens skin for a luminous glow. Got the skincare part down? Now let’s go through the makeup steps to help you achieve this look.


#1: A dewy, glowy base is a must

Nars Optimal Brightening Concentrate, $105; Sulwhasoo Multi Cushion Highlighter, $48

Before putting on foundation, apply a brightening or highlighting product that will help boost skin’s radiance. Our picks: the Nars Optimal Brightening Concentrate and Sulwhasoo Multi Cushion Highlighter. The former helps brighten skin, resulting in a more luminous and dewy complexion. The latter can be used as a regular highlighter to highlight your features or as a peachy-pearlescent makeup base for extra glow, and is super hydrating as well.


#2: A lightweight, hydrating foundation

Diorsnow Bloom Perfect Perfect Moist Cushion, $105; Cle de Peau Beaute Radiant Fluid Foundation, $175

Continue with a lightweight foundation that does not look or feel heavy. One that helps hide flaws and even out skin tone would be good. It’s also best to choose one that has a hydrating formula to keep your complexion moist, nourished and soft so it looks plump and can better reflect light. Our picks include the Diorsnow Bloom Perfect Perfect Moist Cushion and Cle de Peau Beaute’s Radiant Fluid Foundation. The former is created to withstand harsh conditions such as extreme cold, heat and humidity, and helps to hydrate, brighten, correct and protect skin instantly and throughout the day. The latter is formulated with skincare ingredients to reduce cellular stress, nourish and intensely moisturise skin.


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#3: Double up on blush

Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel, $58; Lancome Cushion Blush Subtil, $55

Flushed cheeks are the focal point of this makeup look. To achieve that, using a pigmented cream, liquid or cushion blusher is ideal as it creates a subtle glow as well as gives your cheeks natural-looking colour. The Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel is a soft, silky cream blush that melts into skin for a satiny finish. We are also loving the Lancome Cushion Blush Subtil as it not only hydrates skin but also leaves a cool, refreshing sensation for a natural, glowing flush.


#5: A hydrating lip tint or tinted balm

YSL Beauty Volupte Tint in Balm, $54; Etude House Dear Darling Tint Sweet Lasting, $9.90

A hydrating lip tint or tinted lip balm is best to create the popular gradient lip look the Koreans are always sporting. It nourishes, softens and moisturises, while adding some colour to your look. The YSL Beauty Volupte Tint in Balm contains a unique melting two-in-one formula that fuses the nourishing care of a balm with instant radiant colour. You can also try the Etude House Dear Darling Tint Sweet Lasting, which has a moisturising tint formula and melts to create a vivid, luscious pout.


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