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The no-makeup makeup look has been a runway and K-beauty staple for the past few seasons.  While it might seem tricky to pull off, according to Laneige’s Global Makeup Artist, Cat Koh, getting that barely-there kind of pretty could be as easy as leaving out the eyeliner.

The Korean makeup maestro was in town for the launch of Laneige’s ‘My Neon Sign’ Festive Collection tells us that the “no eyeliner” trend has been gaining traction in Korea and is a makeup technique seen on Hallyu stars like Lee Sung Kyung.


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Think of the trend as highlighting and contouring for the eyes without any discernible edges, and barely-there architectural lines to lift the eyes. Makeup looks fresher and cleaner with no liner and in general, it adds definition to your eyes without looking like you have too much makeup on.

We sat down with Cat to find out more about the intriguing K-beauty trends to lookout for in the upcoming year.  


Cool-toned colours


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According to Kat, cool-toned colours like blue and Pantone’s colour of 2018, Ultraviolet, is making a major comeback with many brands pivoting away from warm hues like rich browns, burgundy, dimensional golds and vibrant reds to launch new goods that give us icy vibes instead.


Dewy skin


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Want to make your skin look beautifully dewy and not greasy? There’s a pretty simple way to it. Cat recommends using a cushion foundation to create the lightweight, glowy coverage that you’re seeking.

To build up coverage but still get a natural-looking finish, Cat suggests using a dab-and-glide motion to deposit the foundation.




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Sometimes maintaining a 12-step skincare routine just isn’t practical when you have a hectic schedule and all you want to do is to do is get into bed. If you prefer a more concise routine (or those looking to downsize it), this new trend is something you will definitely love.

“Skip-care is not about skipping your routine altogether but skipping some steps with smart all-in-one-products like a sleeping mask with hydrating and brightening benefits, “explains Cat.


Seven-skin method

Cat is an advocate of the seven-skin method and uses this technique when her skin is in need of a pick-me-up. In a nutshell, the seven-skin method is layering on three to seven layers of toner immediately after cleansing.

This method is said to hydrate the skin and prime the skin for absorption of more product after, without the heaviness and greasiness of packing on multiple layers of emollients. “If you want your makeup to last, you need to hydrate your skin so it does not overcompensate for dryness by overproducing oil and sebum, which might break down makeup,” said Cat.