#1 Lock-It Foundation

kat von d singapore lock-it foundation price

It sort of makes sense that as a tattoo artist, Kat’s foundation would be one with the ability to cover up tattoos. I’d imagine that anyone who wants a tattoo might still encounter an occasion where they’d want or need to conceal their tattoos.  

The formula of this foundation is incredible, and you’ve got to try it out for yourself to see how intense the coverage is. It’s highly pigmented, while still giving you a natural soft finish that doesn’t look like you’ve caked on lots of makeup. And the extensive shade range available in Singapore? Yes, please!

#2 Tattoo Liner in Trooper, $28

kat von D singapore tattoo liner trooper price

It’s one of the most popular eyeliners in Sephora stores in the U.S., and with good reason. If you love your liquid eyeliners really black and waterproof, you need to try the Tattoo Liner. (If black liners aren’t your thing, the Tattoo Liner is also available in a warm brown shade.) 

The brush tip is perfectly flexible to make drawing a smooth wing as easy as possible, and is made up of bristles instead of a felt tip so it won’t fray over time. The ink stays all day and doesn’t budge or flake, and the liner pen lasts a long time without drying up. My only wish is that there was another shade with a fully matte finish – Trooper is a satin black – but that’s a matter of preference.

#3 Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita, $30

kat von d singapore everlasting liquid lipstick lolita price

This shade has been flying off the shelves since it was introduced, and some Sephora stores around the world struggle to keep it in stock (it’s the #1 selling lipstick in Sephora U.S.). It isn’t as drying as many other liquid lipsticks, has a very light fluid formula with amazing opacity and wear time.

The only issue is that there appears to be variations in hue of the same shade over the last few years, perhaps due to tweaks in the formula. The current formulation of Lolita is a warm rose chestnut hue that will flatter most skin tones, but I should say that it isn’t a great nude if you’ve got fair to light-medium skin (it might come across too dark). That said, there are plenty of other gorgeous shades in the range worth checking out. You can look at swatches online, or wait for the collection to hit Sephora stores later this month and try the colours out for yourself!

#4 Shade + Light Contour Face Palette, $65

kat von d singapore shade light contour face palette price

I’ve been on the hunt for a great contour palette for a really long time, and after watching numerous rave reviews on this palette, I’ve been dying for it to reach our shores. I’ve even been tempted to call up friends on holiday in the U.S. to ask them to pick one up for me. Nevertheless, it’s finally here and is just as buttery and blendable as I imagined – even someone new to makeup should have no trouble blending these powders!

While there are three sets of contour and highlight powders for different skin tones (and undertones), there’s also a chance you might be able to get some use out of most of the shades if your skin tone is somewhere in the middle of the shade spectrum. The “light” powders are perfect for setting your under eye concealer, for instance, and are very finely milled without being too pigmented – making them perfect as a translucent loose powder for pretty much every skin tone. 

My only wish is that Kat would release individual Shade + Light singles that we could put into a custom contour and highlight palette.

#5 Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette, $65

kat von D singapore shade light eye palette price

If you love neutral matte eyeshadows, then this palette is going to be the only thing you will ever want or need. Like the face palette, this one comes with three colour sets. The three quads each create cool, neutral, or warm toned eye looks. The shadows are so buttery soft and, much like the face palette, blend like a dream. The larger pans in each quad hold the all-over shadow shades and is a wonderfully practical element of the design. 

Beauty hack: If you don’t end up using the darker browns on your eyelids, they can also double up as brow powders, or for making your hair look thicker!