These "ink-inspired" matte lipsticks are the most weightless mattes you'll need

Photo: Showbit

Matte lipsticks are tricky. They don’t always sit well on the lips (meaning, they feel heavy and goopy). They don’t always fade to a pretty stain (meaning, they look splotchy or leave a weird-looking “ring” around the lips). And some are just a pain to touch up.

This is where the new crop of matte lipsticks comes in. These are fluid and lightweight, just like ink. These glide smoothly on the lips. These are packed with bold pigment. And these dry to a weightless layer – so much so you might even forget you’re wearing a lipstick. 

But don’t underestimate its stretchable formula – these lipsticks fade to an even, diffused-looking stain after meals. They won’t flake on you and because of their thin ink-like texture, the lipsticks re-apply well, no matter how many layers you slick on.  

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This story first appeared in the April 2019 issue of Her World magazine.