Dusty pink is the new black - and here's how you rock a dusty-rose eyeliner

Photo: Kat Von D Beauty/ Instagram

Dusty-rose seems a pale shade compared with bold brown or black.

But it works. Makeup artist Rina Sim says dusty rose is very flattering and also looks more natural. If you have monolids, create depth by using a dark brown eyeliner on the inner two-thirds of the upper lash line, then dusty rose on the outer third. If you have double eyelids, draw a cat-eye flick with the shade to make it more visible. Using beige eyeshadow on the eyelids brings out the pinkish shade even more. If you have a deeper skin tone, draw a bolder, thicker line so it shows up against your complexion.

Avoid using a dusty-rose eyeliner if your eyes are tired and bloodshot – it will emphasise these imperfections. And if your skin flushes easily or has some redness to it, apply a concealer first.

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