It’s what everyone needs to fake a radiant glow, or look like you’ve got a personal ring light following you around. Whatever your desired radiance level, there are a ton of highlighters out there in various textures to choose from. How do you choose?

As a general rule when picking highlighter shades, fairer skins can go for pearlescent, pale pink and Champagne shades, while those with medium skintones should pick shimmery beiges and rose gold hues. Duskier skin tones can go for deep gold and bronze highlighters which will lend radiance without the chalky effect that lighter highlighters can have on darker complexions.

Did you know that different textures of highlighters lend a different sort of glow, and are best applied using different techniques? In this video, we show you how and recommend the best tools for application as well.

Luminous liquids are best used to lend your complexion an overall luminosity. Give your skin a gentle glow by first mixing a drop or two (not more!) of liquid highlighter with your foundation before applying it with a foundation brush.  Pro tip: mix on the back of your hand to warm the mixture up, making it more fluid and easier to blend.

To subtly give your features a lift with highlighter, nothing beats a shimmery stick highlighter. Use it to spot apply onto your nose bridge, cheekbones and chin – then blend out for a natural semi-contour effect. Pro tip: nothing beats your fingers when blending the highlighter into your skin. Use a patting motion on chin and cheekbones and a gliding motion on your nose.

For stronger highlighter game, use a powder highlighter. The powder texture affords you more precision during application.  The one we’ve used in the video can even be piled on for an eye-catching strobing effect. Pro tip: use a larger brush for bigger areas such as nose bridge, cheekbones and chin. Then switch to a small pointed brush to spot apply the highlighter onto smaller areas like the browbone, above the eyebrow arch, inner corners of eyes, tip of your nose, and cupid’s bow.

Intrigued? Watch the video for a step-by-step guide to achieve each look on your own. Plus, find out the best-in-class highlighters we’ve used for the video.

This is the second video from our Beauty 1, 2, 3 series which will share tips and tricks of the trade so you can create various beauty looks easily on your own. Watch out for the upcoming videos!

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Credits: Makeup by Angel Gwee; and hair by Eileen Koh.