Photo: Instagram / Chantecaille

Most of us steer clear of bronzers because we fear looking streaky, burnt, or ostentatiously golden and shiny. In fact, a good many Asian women probably don’t even own a bronzer.

But the bronzing products these days are irresistibly pretty – irridescent, subtly shimmery and delicately golden, so much so that you just might want to try your hand at swiping some on. If the desire strikes you, here’s the right way to apply bronzer in 5 steps (according to Chantecaille makeup artist, Harvey Tsao) so that you look aglow.


#1. Start with a clean canvas

This is quite a given, but must be said nevertheless. Most of us aren’t blessed with perfectly even, flawless complexion, and if you apply bronzer before correcting your skin tone, it’s just going to add to the unevenness, making your complexion look murky. So, start by prepping your skin with the right skincare, followed by a makeup base to balance and smooth your skin texture. Then, apply your go-to foundation for a flawless canvas.


#2. Don’t forget to apply a loose or compact powder

This step is the key to prevent your bronzing powder from looking streaky, according to Harvey. A dusting of translucent or skin tone loose or compact powder after your foundation application will help bronzing powder to glide on and blend better.


#3. Suck in your cheeks and apply bronzer in the hollow and along your jawline

“Where exactly should bronzer go?” a lot of women ask. Applying it precisely will ensure you get a contoured, sun-kissed look so suck in your cheeks so you can see exactly where your cheekbones are the highest, then with a bronzer brush (these are more compact and dense to give you more control compared to a face or blusher brush, which are usually fluffier) pick up a swipe of bronzing powder and apply under your cheekbones in a line from your ear to the center of your cheek, just below the apples of your cheeks. Also, apply bronzer from the ear down to the jawline to give your face contour extra definition. Go up and down along these ‘lines’ to blend well. Add more bronzer bit by bit as needed.


#4. Complement your bronzer with some highlighter

Most bronzer powder palettes usually come with a highlighter shade – like Chantecaille’s new and limited edition La Sirena Bronzer-Highlighter Duo ($131) – use it! After you’ve got your bronzer down pat, swipe some highlighter with another (clean) cheek brush and apply this on the top of your cheekbones. This is the secret to give you the subtle glow. You can also apply a bit of highlighter along the bridge of your nose and above the cupid’s bow of your lips.


#5. You can even use some bronzer and highlighter on your eyelids too

Photo: Instagram / Chantecaille

Don’t just restrict the use of your bronzer and highlighter palette to your cheeks, apply them to your eyelids too – they make great, neutral toned eyeshadows and add to the natural sun-kissed glow effect. Pat the bronzer colour all over the eyelids, then use the highlighter colour as an accent on the inner corner and along the bottom lash line too. Viola! Your luminous bronzed look is done!

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