1: Smooth skin surface

Best Ways To Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh All Day Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub
Makeup doesn’t adhere well on skin that’s dry and rough. That’s why it important to create a smooth canvas before application. And what better way to soften skin instantly than to get rid of dead skin cells that causing it to be rough?

We like Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub, $55 for 100ml, which combines both chemical and physical exfoliants to ensure that your complexion is immediately smoother, brighter and clearer.

With 12 per cent glycolic acid, it gently dissolves the glue that holds dead skin cells onto skin surface. At the same time, jojoba beads lifts these dead skin cells, sweeping them away to refine skin texture so wrinkles and large pores look smaller over time.


2: Moisturise

Best Ways To Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh All Day Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturizer
After ridding skin of all that gunk, it’s time to replenish it with moisture so skin surface stays smooth and plump all day long. Try Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturizer, $116 for 30ml, which has a silky texture that’s non-greasy and keeps skin supple.

Formulated with hyaluronic acid of varying molecular sizes, it penetrates different layers of skin to create moisture reservoirs in them while Buckbean Extract improves skin elasticity to minimise the signs of ageing.

This pink-tinged moisturiser is also made with Diamond Dust so it reflects light to give skin a soft focus radiance.


3: Choose the right primer

Best Ways To Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh All Day Tatcha The Silk Canvas Protective Primer
We all know the benefits of incorporating a primer step in your makeup prep routine. When used correctly, a primer not only prolongs the wear of your makeup but it can also act as an additional layer to hydrate and plump dry skin, brighten dull skin, or mattify shine-prone skin.

If you’re unsure, go for a all-in-one primer like Tatcha The Silk Canvas Protective Primer, $72 for 20g. It has a silky balm-like texture that glides seamlessly onto skin to smooth skin surface and minimise the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores.

At the same time, it also absorbs excess shine so your complexion stays satiny matte all day long.


4: Pick a long-lasting foundation

 Best Ways To Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh All Day Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation
With the mind-boggling array of foundation available in the market today, there’s no doubt that anyone can find something that suits their skin type or their preferred coverage. And even if you want a foundation that withstands heat, sweat, water and humidity, all you have to do is get your hands on Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation, $65 for 50ml.

Inspired by high-performance professional formula used by makeup artists, this do-it-all foundation has been tested and approved by Dior makeup artists for its waterproof formula and long-lasting wear.

Thanks to its fluid texture and buildable coverage, you can apply it sparingly for a sheer glow, or layer on more product for a picture-perfect coverage without it feeling or looking heavy.

Plus, it gives a second-skin finish that’s naturally luminous and is virtually undetectable on the skin. We also love that it is available in a wide range of colours to flatter all skin tones.


5: Set your makeup

Best Ways To Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh All Day By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder
One mistake that women often make is skipping the step of setting makeup, especially those with use liquid foundation and concealers.

While your makeup might look fresh and radiant in the morning as you head off for work, your skin starts to produce sebum and becomes exposed to environmental hazards which can gradually cause makeup to melt and fade.

To prevent that from happening, you should always set your makeup with loose power. Try By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder, $89 for 10g. With an ultra-fine, micro-aerated texture, dusting a light layer of this loose powder is like dusting an invisible hydrating veil over the skin as it allows skin to breathe since it doesn’t create a flat matte layer.

Made with micronised hyaluronic acid and silica microbeads, it sets makeup without a chalky finish and infuses skin with moisture. It also helps regulate sebum production so skin looks velvety.


6: Keep blotters on hand

Best Ways To Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh All Day Boscia Black Charcoal Blotting Linens
If all else fails, be sure to keep face blotters like Boscia Black Charcoal Blotting Linens, $15 for 100 sheets, in your purse to soak up excess sebum.

Made from 100 per cent natural Abaca Tree fibre, these blotting sheets are perfect for eliminating shine without ruining makeup.

Moreoever, they are infused with black bamboo charcoal to absorb toxins, purify pores, kill bacteria and keep skin clear without causing any skin irritation.