When we think of the rose, we think of it as a pretty flower – something beautiful to display or to give away. However, dig a little deeper, and you’ll find that it’s not just romantic and decorative. In fact, it boasts plenty of benefits for skin.

The magic of rosewater
First, its extracts are known to have skin-brightening, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Rosewater has been used for thousands of years to moisturise and soften skin. (Cool trivia: Egyptian queen Cleopatra, known for her beauty and flawless skin, reportedly used rosewater as part of her skincare routine.) Rosewater also helps calm irritated or sensitive skin, fight acne and balance out oily complexions. It also smells wonderful and works as a mood booster too.

A more effective micellar water
It’s no wonder that rose extracts and rosewater remain popular, and their benefits have since been harnessed by our favourite beauty and skincare brands.

So what happens when you add rosewater to a skincare product like micellar water? (Micellar water removes impurities, dirt and makeup, thanks to tiny oil molecules called micelles suspended in water). You get NIVEA Rose Micellar Water with Oil, a souped-up makeup remover with skin-enhancing benefits – a godsend for beauty-obsessed ladies.

Here’s why you should make space for this on your vanity.

It’s a Singapore first.
NIVEA Rose Micellar Water with Oil is touted as the first micellar water with rosewater and oil in Singapore. When it comes to makeup removers, you might as well choose a micellar water with added skincare benefits.

It’s a multi-function makeup remover that removes stubborn makeup while cleansing and toning skin.
Your waterproof makeup may have looked great throughout the day (and night), but removing it can be a chore. No longer, as NIVEA Rose Micellar Water with Oil conveniently gets rid of waterproof makeup, cleanses and tones skin with just a few swipes. It effectively combines three steps from your skincare routine, acting as a makeup remover, facial wash and toner in one convenient bottle.

It purifies without drying out skin.
Other makeup removers may be effective, but can be drying and harsh, stripping skin of moisture and causing irritation. The micelles in NIVEA Rose Micellar Water with Oil cling to impurities, dirt and sebum, and dissolve them. With a water-to-oil ratio of 85:15, this micellar water helps to cleanse, while restoring and locking in moisture. And with the added skincare benefits of rosewater, it hydrates, purifies and tones skin to give a soft, smooth and glowing complexion. You don’t even need to rinse.

It helps to maintain skin’s healthy pH balance and reduce oiliness.
Don’t be put off by the “oil” in the micellar water. With regular use, micellar water supposedly helps reduce greasiness and unclog pores. The rosewater is said to help maintain skin’s pH and restore its natural moisture balance, keeping skin healthy so that it can function properly. And unlike the usual biphase formulas, NIVEA Rose Micellar Water with Oil leaves a non-greasy after-feel on skin.

It soothes and refreshes, and has a delicate rose fragrance.
After using the micellar water, skin feels cool, refreshed, and looks healthy. It also soothes irritation and reduces redness. Plus, it has a delicate rose fragrance to calm the senses.

Even Lia Tan, NIVEA Girl for 2018, is impressed. “NIVEA Rose Micellar Water with Oil is really effective at removing my waterproof makeup. The rosewater leaves my skin moisturised and hydrated, which is great, since makeup tends to have a drying effect on my face,” she says.

A meticulous makeup removal routine is one of the secrets to beautiful skin. So, if you could only add one multitasking product to your skincare routine, NIVEA Rose Micellar Water with Oil would have to be it.

For even better results, try double cleansing (as popularised by numerous K-beauty bloggers). Use NIVEA Micellar Rose Water Wash Gel after cleansing with NIVEA Rose Micellar Water with Oil. This two-step method ensures all makeup and dirt are removed, and since both are infused with rosewater, your skin will emerge clear, soft and glowing. NIVEA Micellar Rose Water Wash Gel is available exclusively at Watsons.

Still not convinced to use rosewater in your skincare routine? Let us remind you again of its multiple benefits.

10 benefits of rosewater

  1. It helps to maintain skin’s pH balance.
  2. It hydrates and revitalises skin texture.
  3. It is packed with antioxidants that help protect skin from damage.
  4. It reduces oiliness.
  5. It purifies and tones skin.
  6. It soothes irritated skin.
  7. It reduces redness.
  8. It cools and refreshes skin.
  9. It helps fight acne.
  10. It encourages the healing of wounds and reduces the appearance of scars.