Going au naturale and makeup free is all fine and dandy…if you’re blessed with plump lips, flawless skin, high cheekbones, perfectly oval-shaped face and big, round eyes. For everyone else, there’s always makeup.

That said, there are just those days when we just don’t feel like wearing makeup, yet we have to look fresh and presentable. Also, piling on thick layers of makeup won’t wear well in our hot and sticky climate.

Enter Shiseido’s new 2018 makeup collection “Visible Feels Invisible.” The drop includes more than 20 products and 132 shades, all designed to be highly pigmented and long-lasting, yet feel like nothing on your skin.

In addition to high-impact colour and extraordinary performance, staying true to the brand’s DNA, Shiseido wanted their unique, sensorial textures which range from gels, dews, inks and powders to be the focal point of their range.

According to Gail Boye, the brand’s Senior Vice President of Global Product Development: “It was very important that we (Shiseido) link the skincare – which is our heritage and pride – to Shiseido Makeup. That said, we are not simply a colour brand with skincare claims.”

These products are not only made with the best skin-loving ingredients and technology, but also feel as comfortable as skincare.



One standout is the VisionAiry Gel Lipstick that provides a high-impact finish with a featherweight feel. Made of 15 per cent water and a combination of agar, clay and co-polymer gels, one glide will suffuse the lips with vivid colour and hydrate the lips all day long.



Drawing inspiration from the ancient art form, Japanese calligraphy, Shiseido’s ink products like the Stylo Eyeliner Ink allow for graphic precision and extreme intensity.The inks are also ophthalmologist-tested and deemed safe to use on the inner rim.




Their powders are designed to be breathable, buildable and blendable. Made with their patented Cream Powder Matrix Technology, power products like the Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush are a dream to apply. It blends on the skin like mousse, but transforms into lightweight powder with a soft matte, long-lasting finish.



The brand’s new category of products is formulated to recreate and transform light on the surface of the skin. The Aura Dew is a multi-use eyes, face and lips highlighter with ultra-fine rose, silver and gold Japanese pearl pigments. On application, the texture blends seamlessly into the skin and does not chalk, thanks to the Enhanced Light Refractive Technology.

Now that you know all about the products, watch the video above and see them in action!

Available at Sephora, Lazada and Zalora.