The genius of Alessandro Michele – creative director of Gucci – has finally made its way to the Italian fashion house’s makeup collection in a refreshed and revamped line of #guccigang makeup.  

Today, Singapore welcomes Gucci Makeup. What’s in it right now: a collection of 58 lipsticks.

The first question on everyone’s lips though, why lipstick? Well, a lipstick is the ultimate makeup tool, says Michele, and its desirability is a result of its instant transformative power. “It’s also the most beautiful object you can find inside a handbag,” he adds. 

And that’s what he set out to do – create lipsticks so beautiful, they become objects of desire. Drawing inspiration from the Golden Age of Hollywood, Michele’s lippies were created to look vintage. Something you’d find on your grandmother’s vanity table; something Audrey Hepburn would fish out of a tiny beaded bag. Even the shade names are named after Hollywood Legends: The Painted Veil after Greta Garbo in the same-named 1934 film; and Goldie Red, after Jean Harlow’s character in the 1931 movie Goldie.  



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(P.S. Michele combined his lucky number 25 with the Goldie shade for the collection’s star shade: 25 Goldie Red.)

In the collection, Michele pairs the classic with the trendy in his lipsticks. There are three finishes – Satin, Voile (a gel-like, sheer colour) and Baume (a balm-like tint). Each lipstick finish has a differently patterned tube, borrowing from vintage art.

The Satin tubes have Art Deco vibes embossed on a gold background; ivory Voile tubes come wrapped in pink rosebuds; and Baume tubes are turquoise-coloured – chosen specifically by Michele as the unisex shade representative.

And the lipstick shades? Expect trendy hues like grey-beige, tawny brown, raspberry violet, and even black – all part of a broad colour palette. We’re all on board. 

There are 36 shades for the Satin finish, 18 shades for the Voile finish, and four shades for the Baume finish. Each lipstick costs $53, and is available at Takashimaya D.S. Beauty Hall. 

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