If you want radiant skin (who doesn’t?), you usually need to put in time and effort. That means investing in skincare that works for you, sticking to a good skincare routine, religiously applying sunscreen every day and going for facials regularly.
And if you have to turn your complexion around fast, or are plagued by issues such as mild acne scarring, slight pigmentation, dark eye circles, uneven skin tone, open pores and inflammation, you turn to non-invasive aesthetic treatments for help.
One that promises to tackle all those problems: Mirage Aesthetic’s Perfect Touch Solution – BB Covered Foundation Treatment ($480). This 60-minute microneedling treatment is said to improve the look of your skin in just one session, delivering a semi-permanent makeup-like effect. While it can be done on any part of the face, even the delicate under-eye area, it is not suitable for those with severe acne.


Mirage Aesthetic specialises in high-tech beauty treatments, and instead of the typical sterile white look, it has a spa-like environment with a relaxing ambience, thanks to the abundant greenery surrounding it. All guests are offered a hot towel and their choice of beverage on arrival.




After cleansing and exfoliation, a BB cream is applied. Then, a microneedling device with 0.25mm to 1mm needles – the length is dependent on the sensitivity of your skin and the target area – is rolled all over the face; this process will be repeated multiple times.
Following the microneedling, which is said to feel like tiny ant bites, the therapist will spread the product over the face using her fingers and gently tap it into skin. A skin booster mask is then applied, after which the face is cleansed and moisturised, revealing glowing skin. The application of sunscreen wraps up the treatment.
Post-treatment, expect some mild redness that typically lasts for a day or so. Some peeling around the nose and mouth, particularly for those with dehydrated skin, may also occur.


According to Mika Hayashi, owner of Mirage Aesthetic, Perfect Touch Solution – BB Covered Foundation Treatment doesn’t just reduce and improve the look of scars. Skin is also often one tone lighter, smoother – so makeup adheres better – plumper and suppler. Results are said to last for up to four months.

In February 2017, new customers can enjoy a Perfect Touch Solution – BB Covered Foundation Treatment for just $280 (UP: $480).
To redeem this offer, call 6262-3358 or 6262-3378, SMS 9655-2542, e-mail my@mirageaesthetic.com or visit www.mirageaesthetic.com. Terms and conditions apply.


Mirage Aesthetic is at #04-08 Orchard Parade Hotel (tel: 6262-3358/3378)