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It’s not always easy to find your groove at work. Something that is going to help you feel better about yourself and in turn improve your performance at work is to boost your confidence.

If you need a little more help in this department, here are some beauty tips inspired by feng shui advice from Chinese Metaphysic consultant Joey Yap.

According to Joey, “our mouths convey our messages and intentions,” so if you’re looking to fengshui your makeup to help you communicate more clearly and be more persuasive, the lips are a good place to start.

It may even boost your confidence to the point where you score a promotion you’ve been dreaming about.


Lips with a peaked cupid’s bow

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People with a pronounced Cupid’s bow tend to be good communicators and are usually quick-minded and very creative, says Joey.


Her World tip:

If you don’t have a peaked Cupid’s bow, you can use a highlighter to emphasise the area. Apply a  light, shimmery highlighting at the small dip on the top of your lips to create more definition.



Full luscious lips

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Joey says the lips are a place where we carry our power.

Think of powerful women in history and the size of their mouths. Former First Lady  Michelle Obama is a good example.

Voluptuous lips do not only represent power and leadership, it also represents ambition.


Her World tip:

There are actually several ways to achieve fuller lip. 

To achieve a fuller pout, consider applying a shimmer-flecked lip gloss. The gloss will help to make your lips look plumper by picking up natural light and reflecting it back. 

For a lip-highlighting effect, dap your favourite clear lip gloss on the middle of your lips.

Alternatively, for a temporary boost in volume, opt for a lip gloss that is formulated with lip-plumping ingredients like peptides and spearmint.