Our favourite cream bronzers for a natural everyday bronze

Photo: @inngenue/Instagram

Picture this: You have your foundation on, a rosy blush on your cheeks, brows drawn in… and yet, there’s still something missing. If by any chance you’re thinking that your face looks a little too flat, you might be missing bronzer.

Here’s the deal with bronzers. It’s easy to go overboard with it with a slip of hand, and you end up looking muddy with patches of brown on the sides of your face. Powder bronzers especially, are particularly unforgiving since it’s virtually impossible to “erase” your mistakes once you buff it in.

Which is why we choose to go with cream bronzers. Why? For an everyday natural bronze, the cream bronzer can be applied beneath foundation (here’s a tip from us to you!) so that the colour peeks through subtly – like you have naturally chiselled cheekbones. Plus, cream bronzers aren’t going to cake up your face as you pile on the powder products – simply set it all with translucent powder and you’re good to go.