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A little eyeliner can make a huge difference in accentuating your features. For example, a cat-eye effect liner not only looks flirty and sexy, its upward flick also helps lift your eyes. If you prefer to apply eyeliner all around your upper and lower lash lines, smudging out the edges slightly not only softens the look, but it also adds a touch of just out-of-bed sexiness.

That said, for many women, that perfect eyeliner which glides on, stays put all day long and yet can be easily removed with makeup remover, remains elusive. Thanks to the hot and humid climate, waterproof eyeliners have become one of the most popular items found in women’s beauty stash. On top of that, many women also face oily lids, which mean even waterproof liners can disappoint and smudge some times.

To ensure round-the-clock wear, prep your skin with an eye cream to smooth fine lines so makeup goes on easily. Allow some time for the eye cream to be absorbed completely before proceeding with makeup or it can actually contribute to making eye makeup smudge. Layer on a thin layer of eye shadow primer, as this not only fills in lines to create a perfect canvas for makeup application, it also helps prolong the wear and intensity of makeup applied after. If you have unsteady hands and can never draw a steady line when applying your eyeliner, try resting your arm on a table or wall. Finally, apply your favourite eyeliner to the desired look that you want and voila!

Read on for the eight eyeliners that beauty editors count on for budge-proof wear at every budget: