Photo: 123rf

Despite the many swatches available online, online shopping for makeup can still be a hit or miss experience. Yet, unlike foundation which you have to personally test for the correct shade, makeup items like eyeshadows, lipsticks, and even blushers can be ordered with a simple click of the mouse because there are plenty of shades that work across many skin tones. One simple rule to stick to: choose shades that are neutral, which means they are neither too cool nor too warm. When it comes to blusher, the best example has got to be NARS Orgasm Blush. Favoured (and trusted) by women and makeup artists all over the world, this universally-flattering shade is described as a “peachy pink with golden shimmer”. So the next time you’re looking at doing a little retail therapy online, just look out for shades like peach, coral, rose-pink, dusty-pink. And when in doubt. pick a shade that as golden undertones because every skin tone (from fair, medium, dark and even deep) can do with some added warmth.

And once you’re armed with a blusher that complements your skin tone, how and where you apply can also make a huge difference. For a natural effect that mimics that post-workout flush, apply blusher directly on the apple of your cheeks and blend upwards towards your temple. To locate the apple of your cheeks, all you have to do is look into a mirror and smile—the fullest part of your cheeks when you smile is where you should apply your blusher on, regardless of whether it is a powder blush or cream blush. And as a rule of thumb, avoid applying any product any closer than two fingers’ spacing from the sides of your nose.

You can also use blusher to sculpt your facial features: just increase the pigment intensity at the hollows of your cheeks (or where you would normally apply a darker contouring shade). For a bolder look or simply to prolong the wear of your blusher, you can also layer a powder blusher over a cream blusher. Always tap off excess product from your blush so you always start sheer and then add on more product if you desire added intensity. And if you overdo it, tone down your blusher by gradually layering a sheer foundation over.