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Earlier in September, cult makeup brushes brand Luxie Beauty announced an exciting pending release of a collection of makeup brushes inspired by Princess Jasmine from the movie Aladdin. Apart from stirring the inner aspiring princess in us (we may have got old, but the fantasy never will), the hype surrounding the brushes made us wonder, what other makeup collections out there have paid homage to our favourite cartoon heroines? And more importantly, how do we land our hands on them?

If you consider yourself a Disney fan, your beauty arsenal just wouldn’t be complete without these pieces. Read on as we round up the top Disney Princess-themed makeup collections that’ll make you want to pull a Peter Pan and never grow up.




1. Luxie Beauty – Princess Jasmine Brushes


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With textures and colours redolent of the beloved film, this luxurious brush array falls perfectly in line with our penchant for the starring raven-haired lead. This elegant six-piece bundle includes a premium synthetic highlighting brush, stippling brush, contour brush, blending brush, shader brush and an angled eye brush.

Coated in rose gold and encrusted with purple lattice crystals, the design on the handle is definitely the talking point of these brushes. Don’t even get us started on the packaging, the violet box is covered in Princess Jasmine quotes gilded in metallic foil, and lovely Arabian-inspired motifs. Enough said, we’re already sold.

Luxie Beauty Brush Set, US$95


2. Besame Cosmetics – Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs Palette


In lieu of commemorating the 80th anniversary of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, Besame Cosmetics have decided to collaborate with Disney to create an exclusive collection inspired by the original artwork and colour palette of the iconic film. Hand selecting colours from Disney’s Ink and Paint Department, the indie makeup label recreates the classic Disney favourite movie in this very eyeshadow palette with majestic shades of autumn pumpkin browns, robin egg blue, and wearable shades corals.

And it call comes packed in a storybook-shaped box covered in Snow White trivia and tidbits. Not much information has been released by the brand regarding the launch of this collection, but here’s what we know so far: It’s due to release sometime this season, and there are more Snow White-inspired products to be released alongside the eyeshadow palette. Prices range from US$15 to US$868 for the palette.


Get notified when the collection launches here.


3. Sephora – Cinderella Storylook Palette


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A pumpkin coach is the fairytale version of ‘pumpkin spice’ and this collection beats the latte version by a mile. Featuring predominantly cool-toned shades of blues and mauve browns, the Cinderella Storylook Eyeshadow Palette was exclusively by Sephora in collaboration with Disney. With whimsical shade names like “Cinderelly”, “Ball Gown” and “Fairy Godmother”, this palette has officially thrilled the glass slippers off of us. The artwork on the packaging is true to the theme and movie, but done in a rather sophisticated way. Unfortunately, the collection was launched in 2012 and it’s highly improbable to be able to get a hold of one now. But perhaps with the recent trend of disney collaborations in the beauty industry, it won’t be long till we’re blessed with another Cinderella-themed collection.


4. LORAC – Beauty and the Beast Collection

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You’ll feel like a modern-day Belle with the LORAC Disney Beauty and the Beast capsule collection which includes an eyeshadow palette (US$48), a cheek palette (US$28), a vault of lipsticks (US$36) and a similar kit of lip glosses (US$34). The reigning crown jewel of the collection is none other than the 16-pan eyeshadow palette which  is filled with sweet pastel pinks, milky beige,lilacs and regal pops of blue that wink at Beast’s regal costume during the iconic ballroom scenes *cues swooning*.

Without a doubt, this palette presents some of the most stunning packaging designs out there. It resembles a classic quaint storybook with silver, gold and red accents. There’s also an antique-style mirror that quotes Shakespeare; “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.” – a delightful tidbit all romantic old souls would enjoy.

LORAC Beauty & The Beast Collection, prices ranging from US$28 to US$48

5. Urban Decay – Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette


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When Urban Decay took a plunge down the rabbit hole last year in April with the Alice Through the Looking Glass collection launch, we – as passionate advocates for both the movie AND the brand – were left stupendous.  The palette boasted 20 shades of regal shades with some of the shades dedicated to characters Alice, Time, Mad Hatter, The Red Queen, and The White Queen.

The packaging features bright kaleidoscopic motifs which do justice to the enigmatic film itself, and even a pop-up butterfly detail – a nod towards an underlying of metamorphosis theme true to the movie. The collection also consists of 5 bullet lipsticks in cool-toned plums, midnight blue and classic red – These ought to ensure further gawking. This covetable palette is limited edition, so your best bet at landing one of these is second-party selling sites like Ebay and Amazon ( word of advice: look out for potential fakes).


Pssst… We know Alice isn’t really a princess, but we just had to add this into the mix for its stunning technicoloured packaging.