Imagine a lipstick containing ingredients that won’t harm you, plus, has added anti-ageing ingredients to care for your lips… and – the clincher – is made on the spot for you, in the colour that suits your skintone the best.

That’s what dermatologist Dr Teo Wan Lin is doing with her new Dr.TWL Lip Lab. The lab, located at her clinic at Royal Square at Novena, is part showcase, part lipstick-making laboratory, complete with an on-site chemist and a colour scientist, who will work with you to create a bespoke Lip Serum Stick.

Dr Teo says it is the only dermatologist-developed customised lip laboratory worldwide, and its focus is on anti-ageing lip cosmeceuticals. The lipstick contains purified salmon roe DNA, which has anti-wrinkle and regenerative benefits – which means not only are you getting a beautiful colour to wear, you’re also giving your lips skincare benefits with every touch-up.  

The service is by appointment only, and you should set aside up to an hour for it, including waiting for your lipstick to be made. The session starts with a skin tone analysis using the Dr.TWL Skin Tone Analysis System, which has more than 100 skin shades on record, and it differentiates between cool, warm and neutral undertones. The next step is a personalised test that measures your lip hydration levels and any concerns you may have.

After that comes finding the colour for you, using what Dr Teo calls their Advanced Colour Science System. Take your pick from the nude, coral, red, berry or pink colour wheels and see how it looks on your lips.  

If you like, you can choose a scent for your lip serum, ranging from vanilla to watermelon, as well as decide whether you want it as a balm, matte, classic or glossy, and pick your favourite finish (subtle, shimmery or a dramatic shine). The chemist and colour scientist are there with you every step of the way.

Now comes the exciting part: watching the colour scientist make your lip serum (no spoilers here!), including pouring it into the mould and watching it slowly set. The lip serum is packaged in a UV-protective coated lipstick case that shields the active ingredients from UV degradation.

Want to complete the look? The colour scientists on hand can also help you to customise your makeup, from foundation to concealer and eyeshadow. If you suffer from conditions such as rosacea, acne and pigmentation, the colour specialists are trained in makeup colour correction, and the chemist will carefully formulate a Dream Concealer according to your skin needs. A session takes about 30 minutes.

Launching in October 2019, the makeup laboratory is located at #17-07, Royal Square Novena Medical Suites, 101 Irrawaddy Road. Visit to book an appointment.