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The Beautyblender mitt ($30) is as bright as the American brand’s famous tear-shaped foundation sponge (Kendall Jenner uses it; Bella Hadid uses it; every beauty junkie uses it), and as cleverly designed. It’s soft and rubbery, and covered with bumps in different sizes that provide friction for removing makeup from brushes or sponges – without shredding your tools.

How to use: Place filthy sponge or brush against pad. Add water and soap. Run sponge or brush over the bumps. Rinse everything. Done.


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Tip #1: Do wash brushes in the morning after use. They should be dry and ready by the next AM.

Tip #2: Don’t spend a bomb on a dedicated makeup-tool cleanser. Any mild soap or shampoo will do.


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This story first appeared in the October 2017 issue of Her World magazine.