We’ve all seen the countless YouTube tutorials showing us how we can look like our favourite celebrities but what we really want to know is exactly how they do it.

Even though they have expert makeup artists at their disposal, either by hook or by crook or by osmosis – they’ve learned enough to do their own skincare and makeup. Here are 4 Asian celebs that do their beauty regime masterfully.


Fan Bing Bing

Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing might be 36 this year, but the gorgeous film star doesn’t look a day over 21 thanks to her translucent skin. By now, you probably know that she swears by an intricate and involved skincare regime and uses sheet masks daily and sometimes even twice a day.

But what you might not know is this: The “X-Men: Days of Future” actress takes her elaborate skincare regimen even further by performing a series of stimulating facial massages that are said to tone facial muscles, tighten loose skin, brighten the complexion and even slim the face. She starts by rubbing some essential oil together in the palms of her hand to warm it up. After which, she massages her face starting from the area underneath her eyes before moving up towards the temples with an outward-to-inward motion to promote lymphatic drainage to help flush toxins to debloat the face. She completes her skincare routine with her very own Fanbeauty Up facial device and a sheet mask.


Ouyang Nana

In addition to her killer fashion sense and acting chops, she also has a knack for doing her own makeup, which she revealed on social media. Then again, when you look this good with no makeup on, anything you put on your face will likely look good. The sweet-looking actress has always been more low maintenance, opting for natural, no-makeup makeup. In this tutorial, she walks viewers through her makeup routine as she gets ready for a concert. It’s refreshingly easy.

The fresh-faced Taiwanese actress starts off by applying a tone up cream (White Holic from W.Lab, $42.90 from Watsons) all over her face with her fingers to even out her skin tone. Tone up creams blur the line between makeup and skincare and have the instantaneous effect of brightening dull complexion ( cancelling out sallow olive undertones in the skin) to create a more even and fair skin tone. Next, she dots some foundation on her cheeks, forehead and chin before blending it out with a beauty blender. Nana then reaches for a peach coloured concealer that will cancel out blue or green discolouration under the eye and green concealer to neutralise redness around her nose. She keeps her face makeup very simple and adds a wash of colour to her cheeks with the Lancome Cushion Blush Subtil Powder Blush ($55). To complete her makeup, she taps some brown eyeshadow with her pinky finger on her bottom lash line and lines the outer 3/4 of her eyes with black eyeliner.


Liu Yifei


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The 30-year-old Chinese actress who is known to everyone for her flawlessly glowing skin recently posted this video to her social media. In the video, the “Once Upon a Time” actress can be seen dunking her face into a bowl of cold water. This old-school trick has been said to even out redness on the face, tighten and reduce your pore size, combat wrinkles and prime your face for makeup so it stays longer.


Angela Chang


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The Mandopop singer keeps her skin looking luminous (without a smidgen of makeup on) by wearing sunscreen religiously even when she is indoors and by giving herself a facial massage, just like Fan Bing Bing. The 36-year-old singer starts her massage just underneath her cheekbones, moving up towards the temples in an outward-to-inward motion. She then makes her way down the entire outline of the face to promote lymphatic drainage to help flush toxins and release fluid buildup. If you want to try out Angela’s beauty tip, be sure to pair the massage with a nourishing oil to get maximum results.