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Qn: Is there a wearable way to do rainbow eye makeup? It’s such a pretty look but I don’t know how to make it work for the office.

Makeup artist, Larry Yeo: According to M.A.C, there are two different ways to do this look, ‘Bold’ or ‘Washed’.


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‘Bold’ is about putting bolts of strong colour on the eyelids while keeping the complexion clean. ‘Washed’ is about sweeping on the colour as a diluted hue, fading it out and blending into skin so there are no harsh lines. Either way, it is a celebration of colour.


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For the woman who loves that beautiful soft play on the eyes, Shiseido’s newly-released Paperlight Cream Eye Color had me bowled over. The shades are delicate yet distinctive enough not to come across bland and pasty, and they’re easy to apply with just your fingers. You only have to remember that the first point of contact on your eyelid is where the colour is the strongest. The lilacs, peach and pinks are safe shades to play with, but the yellow, greens and blue are beautiful. And the grey makes a good soft smoky eye!


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I absolutely love the ‘Bold’ take though – it really celebrates the colours. It’s about graphic framing of the face, none of that over-contoured nonsense. One of the most on-trend products for this look is the MAC X CHROMAT eyeshadow palette (those bursts of blues are great!). It’s to die for because the colours are just so daring and intense.

If you want to attempt bold colours without being too obvious, try the MAC X CHROMAT collection’s blue eyeliner. Just line it over your regular black eyeliner to add that streak of colour. Or layer the blue mascara over your regular black one to lend a tinge of blue to your lashes.

Go on and play with colours, I totally encourage it.


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