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Q: I’ve always seen this doll-like, spider lash trend in magazines. Can I really wear this look in real life too?

The good news is yes; you can recreate this look at home. This trend is reminiscent of what model Twiggy used to be known for in the 1960s. The key to this is creating somewhat clumpy lashes that still look pretty. Makeup artist Elain Lim shares some simple, fool proof tips: Ensure that the mascara chosen does not have a very wet formula. According to Lim, when the formula is too wet, it is often heavy and will weigh the lashes down.


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Tip 1:  A waterproof mascara, like Heroine Make Impact Frame Mascara, $23.90, is preferred because the formula have a better hold to help lashes stay curled longer. It comes with a comb-like wand that helps define the lashes easily to create the effect desired. Always curl your lashes first. Many of us are not born with naturally long and curled lashes, so curling the lashes will help lift them up and open the eyes, to give that doll-like effect. The Shiseido Eyelash Curler works well on most eye-shapes and won’t pinch or tug at the lids.


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Tip 2: For the top lashes, start by applying two to three coats of mascara first. And when applying the mascara, try to distribute the mascara as evenly from root to tip of the lashes. Uneven distribution can result in lashes drooping (too much emphasis on the lash tips) or too long skinny lashes (too much product at the roots). Finish with a few more coats of mascara application, but this time, use just the tip of the mascara wand to help the lashes clump together to create the effect.

Tip 3: To get doll-like lashes easily, try the Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara. Its intense pigments create long and luscious lashes. For the bottom lashes, less coats are required, and mascara should be applied using the tip of the mascara wand vertically.


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Tip 4: Play with colour. As a fun alternative, try the YSL Mascara Vinyl in Aubergine, Blue and Pink, as a fun alternative. Used as a top coat over regular black mascara, it gives lashes a bold finish that make the eyes pop. To prevent lashes from drooping, Lim suggests using a heated lash curler, focusing on the outer corners, after you’re done with curling them using a regular lash curler.


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Tip 5: To prevent mascara from smudging, especially if you’ve got oily lids, Lim advises mattifying the lid near the corners of the eyes before mascara application.


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