5 makeup mistakes that make you look older

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We wear makeup for many reasons, whether it is to cover our imperfections or to accentuate our facial features – none of which involves making us look older than we already are. Here are five mistakes that could potentially age you.

Mistake 1. Using the wrong shade of under-eye concealer

We often scramble to conceal the dark circles beneath our eyes that sometimes we buy a shade that’s way too light for our skin tone, so much so that it fails to blend in seamlessly. By doing so, you are highlighting instead of concealing the flaws. Pick a shade that’s just one shade lighter than your skin tone and be gentle while applying it underneath your eyes.

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Mistake 2. Opting for shimmery, metallic lipsticks

You might think it is a matter of personal preference when it comes to lipsticks but the truth is, a shimmery formula does make you look older than you actually are. If you would like to add a little shine to your lips, simply apply a thin layer of gloss over your matte lipstick!

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Mistake 3. Overdoing the contouring

Contouring your face seems to be all the rage now, as seen on Kim Kardashian. But do be careful while applying bronzer, your strobes should be gentle and never too harsh as you could end up with a dark heavy line that can add years to your face.

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Mistake 4. Wearing too much black eyeliner

You could potentially draw the wrong kind of attention to your eyes, especially if you’re a fan of lower-lining your eyes. Using a black hue on the upper and lower line of the eyes tends to come off looking very harsh, so perhaps try using a softer brown shade for a change.

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Mistake 5. Applying mascara carelessly

Be careful while swiping your mascara. The main goal is to attain voluminous and evenly separated lashes. Stay away from the “dolly finish” that involves thick and clumpy lashes, and ends up accentuating the fine lines around your eyes.

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