Holographic Unicorn

Let’s face it, if you can’t be a holographic unicorn mermaid hybrid on Halloween, then when can you? Star vlogger Kandee Johnson has put together a helpful tutorial on the ‘tear duct’ trend that will serve as a useful basis for a wide range of mythological costumes this year. For that elusively shimmery inner eye, Kandee suggests using a base of light pink, lavender, pale green or even pale blue eyeshadow, a vibrant, candy-toned eyeliner, before dabbing a ‘base’ such as a primer or white eyeliner around the tear duct, blending it with the little finger. Take a dome-shaped brush and dab a holographic eyeshadow on top, layering colors to make the look as multidimensional as necessary.


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Sophisticated vamp

You don’t have to go overboard for an effective Halloween look — in this tutorial, celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge explains how to master a vampish beauty look that would work just as well for a wicked stepmother or sexy vamp costume as it would on the red carpet. The look revolves around a very dark, berry-toned lip color, and involves creating a flawless base before adding highlighter to give definition to the cheekbones. She teams champagne and neutral-colored eyeshadows with a touch of shimmer with a classic winged black eyeliner flick for definition, before applying a vampishly dark lipstick. She suggests using a brush to create a rough first layer, then outlining with a pencil to create a fuller and more precise look, especially for people who want to ‘overdraw’ the natural lipline. 


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Full-on scary

If, on the other hand, you take your Halloween makeup very seriously, then you might want to take advice from star vlogger Emma Pickles, who has created a ghoulish look inspired by the posters for the upcoming horror film “Jigsaw,” which is set for release later this month. The creative begins by applying a black cream base, before painting on a clay mask mixed with white liquid makeup, which cracks as it dries to create a truly terrifying flaky, scabby finish. She finished things off with some red face paint spirals on the cheeks and a black lip.


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