Makeup tutorial: Dramatic night makeup

“That’s quite something,” our videographer said, taking in the finished face sported by our model for this tutorial. Coming from an industry insider who’s partaken in his fair share of statement shoots, that really is saying something. Consider this fair warning, shrinking violets: This electrifying evening look isn’t for waffling wallflowers!

As envisioned by visiting NARS International makeup artist Julio Sandino – and just so you know, the fabulous veteran of the scene has spun his magic for the runway shows of designer brands the likes of Gianni Versace, Hervé Léger and Vivienne Westwood – this night look boasts bold eyes and brash lips, with the lively colours entirely in keeping with the spirit of NARS Cosmetics’ limited edition Guy Bourdin Holiday 2013 collection.

Quick fashion history: Guy Bourdin was a French photog whose provocative mix of surrealism and sensuality has made him a muse for some of today’s brightest creative sparks, from Nick Knight and Jean Baptiste Mondino…to NARS founder Francois Nars himself, who was said to have stuck Bourdin images on his bedroom wall when he was just 10.

This year’s NARS Bourdin collection takes a leaf from the hippie ‘70s, with a glorious riot of colours in super-pigmented powder shadows and velvety lipsticks. For this look, Julio has ditched the convention of choosing between playing up your lips or eyes – both features are equally fierce, making for a fearless, almost runway-worthy look.

We’re especially enamoured with the very on-trend orange lips, which Julio created using the limited edition Cinematic lipstick in Short Circuit. If you want to start small, consider swiping this intense hue on and leaving your eyes relatively muted, save for lots of mascara…although with the multiple get-togethers lined up for this month, we suggest throwing colour caution to the wind. Click ‘play’ below, and have fun dolling yourself up with your party palette!

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