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An easy-to-apply texture tops our list of reasons to love a makeup item. Sure, good colour payoff, a gorgeous finish or lasting power are vital too, but nothing turns us off like a product that takes forever to blend well. Here are three new ranges of colour makeup with innovative textures for foolproof blending and powder-smooth finishes.

Chanel Ombre Premiere Longwear Cream Eyeshadow, $53.


Unlike traditional cream eyeshadows that can be difficult to work with given their density, extreme colour payoff and how hard they are to remove, this formula is very light and creamy, and glides onto skin smoothly, which makes blending effortless. We also like that it lasts throughout the day without clinging leech-like to skin, so removal is a piece of cake. As you blend, it seems to transform into a powder – except with stronger colour intensity.

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Cosme Decorte AQ MW Eye Glow Gem, $35.


This eyeshadow has a marshmallow-like texture that does not fall under gel, cream or powder categories. One gentle press covers your finger with enough product for one eyelid, and it spreads like silk over your skin. Its malleable, buildable formula transforms to a powdery finish with a metallic, glittery look – perfect for a glamorous night out (here are some tips on how to transform from day to night).


Shu Uemura Glow On Creamy Powder, $33 for each refill.


Cream blushers – which usually have dense textures – are meant to be applied after liquid foundation when the finish is still a bit sticky, or after your primer but before a compact powder foundation. This new Glow On Creamy Blusher takes all that confusion away. Its soft and velvety texture feels like a light cream when you first swipe your finger across the palette and blends out to a powder finish that does not create streaks in your foundation at all (click here for more amazing blushers).

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This story was originally published in the July 2017 issue of Her World magazine.