Celebrity squares such as Jessica Simpson, Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes are perfect examples of how your face should look.

Contouring is a great way to highlight your sharp angles. Using a matte, non-shimmer powder that is a slightly darker shade than your natural colour will do you more justice than using a bronzer in this case.

One product which will give a great look is Clinique’s Stay-Matte Sheer pressed. Maybelline’s Dream Matte Powder is also a great, cheaper alternative and both products will hide any shine. Even though they come with flat pads of their own, it’s best to use a Blush Brush to create the angles. These are small items with compact bristles, which allow you to glide powder in the exact direction you want it. Simply sweep the powder underneath your cheek bones and follow along to your jaw. This darker tone will emphasise the definition of your square features.

Next it’s time to turn the attention to adding colour to your cheeks. It’s great to take advantage of your full apples as not everyone is lucky enough to have them as a blank canvas. A tawny brush is the best way to get the full effect, teamed with a blusher such as MAC’s Powder Blush. For lighter skin tones, their shades Well Dressed, a light pink colour, or apricot-infused Buff will work wonders and Breezy’s plum loveliness is fab for darker skin. If you prefer to keep things affordable, Barry M’s bl8 pink shade or their darker bl14 will work just as well.

Start with a light touch to the hollow of your cheeks before gently brushing the blusher across your cheekbones and the apples, constantly blending to give a natural finish.

Lips make a big difference to a face. If you’re anxious about people focusing on your wide jaw, then beautiful plump lips are there to distract and keep eyes diverted.

The trick to making your lips look big without turning to a needle is clear lip gloss, such as Avon Glazewear or Elizabeth Arden’s Crystal. When you’ve applied your favourite shade lipstick, making sure it doesn’t clash with your colour-filled cheeks, add a dot of the clear gloss to both the centre of your bottom and top lip. A little goes a long way in this case and this small application will give your smackers a 3D look which no one can resist. Kim Kardashian eat your heart out!

If you want to make sure all your hard work was worth the effort, wear a piece of clothing that shows off your neckline, as this will complement your angular jaw. Who says squares can’t be sexy?

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