I think I finally understand what moles are for. The one I have on my right cheek is starting to work like a mini age indicator for me. It has started to “drop” or droop very slightly off its original position, which probably means my face is beginning to sag a little (derms and plastic surgeons reading this, please tell me if this is unscientific but not entirely untrue!). If this theory holds, I’m not going to wait for my age indicator to fall to my jaw before I do something about it. So, I’ve been rethinking the way I apply my skincare. No more dabbing or slapping on creams and serums mindlessly in seconds before I rush out of the bathroom to watch CSI. Now, I massage all their goodness in like this:

1)     When applying eye cream, I use my fourth fingers (said to be the lightest and so, gentlest on skin) to stroke it under my peepers. Four times forwards, four times backwards. I’m hoping this helps to stroke away my dark circles. Then, I use my fingertips to lightly “pinch” the starting-to-crinkle corners. Hey, if facialists do it, I should, too, at home, no?

2)     When applying moisturiser, I cup my cheeks and sweep my hands quickly over them five times. After doing this for half a year, the lines around my mouth and nose seem to have faded.

3)     When applying neck cream, I move my hands upwards to my chin five times. I’m hoping this will keep that dreaded turkey neck and sagging chin (even the skinniest women in my office seem to have this as they age) away.

Of course, all this takes a little more effort and time. Hmm, maybe that’s why I no longer watch CSI. Or anything.