Not everyone is born with flawless skin. We do our best to make the imperfections go away, but really, we’re human after all. So what happens when your natural skin gets weary from all that foundation? You could choose to go bare-faced for a few days, but if you can’t afford to go au naturel, choose makeup that is gentle and lets your skin “breathe”. We’ve compiled a list of makeup products that are not only gentle on sensitive skin, but also works towards improving your skin condition.

DrGL Pressed Powder SPF20 PA++ SENSITIVE

DrGL Pressed Powder Fair B.png

If you’re breaking out, you don’t have to ditch that foundation altogether. The difficult thing about dealing with acne is the fact that everyone tells you that “make-up makes it worse” and you worry about aggravating your already inflamed skin. This may be true, as most makeup tends to clog your pores and allow for bacteria build-up. If you’re worried about this, try DrGL’s Pressed Powder for sensitive skin. Filled with allantoin, an anti-inflammatory ingredient that promotes healing of wounds and scars, the pressed powder gives you a buildable coverage while allowing your skin to breathe. Who says you can’t cover your pimple while still helping it to heal?

Korres Black Volcanic Minerals Mascara

Treat your lashes while still looking fabulous at the same time. Enriched with a cocktail of vitamins and minerals, Korres Black Volcanic Minerals Mascara conditions your lashes while still giving it volume. How? Marine algae extracts act to stimulate circulation in your lashes, reducing lash damage while making it grow, according to the company. The mascara also contains thyme, which is a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, making sure your lashes are well protected against environmental aggressors and free radical damage. After all, who can afford to lose another lash?

Tarte Maracuja Waterproof Creaseless Concealer

Tarte Maracuja Waterproof Ceaseless Concealer in Light Medium B2 $39.png

Concealing your pores always sounds a tad harsh. For a concealer to work its magic, it needs to rest well into our pores and cover up imperfections perfectly. To do so, most concealers tend to be heavy in texture, clogging up pores in the process. We hate what they do, but we can’t live with dark spots and imperfections either. So what do we do when we want to have our cake and eat it? We opt for Tarte’s Maracuja Waterproof Creaseless Concealer. The concealer contains maracuja oil, vitamins A, C, and E. All these anti-ageing  ingredients work towards covering your imperfections while giving you brighter skin, according to the company.  

Bell Hypoallergic Eye Liner Pencil

eye liner pencil B.pngAll those rubbing and late nights can make our eyes more sensitive. For babes whose lids need extra care, Bell’s eye liner is ophthalmologist approved. Using an unscented formula with added ingredients of vitamin C, the eyeliner moisturises and nourishes your sensitive lids without harming your eyes. The company even says this product is great for those prone to eye allergies!

The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Smart Cushion

Smart Cushion B.png

You may not know this, but The Face Shop products are based on naturally sourced ingredients. The Natural Sun Eco Smart Cushion contains eco-certified sunflower sprout extracts. These extracts supposedly help to energise the skin and delay the ageing process. The product is also designed to work as a makeup and sunscreen, so you get SPF 50 sun protection with sheer coverage. What we really love is how you could layer this over your foundation, topping up on your sun protection throughout the day.

Bell Hypoallergenic Eye Liner Pencil, $12, is available in John Little Plaza Singapura, Pink Beauty stores, and Tara Apothecary. For more information, visit and follow the brand on Facebook.

DrGL pressed Powder SPF20 PA++ SENSITIVE, $108, is available in Robinsons Orchard, Raffles City and JEM, Escentials Paragon and CK Tangs, and online via For more information visit, and follow the brand on Facebook.

Korres Black Volcanic Minerals Mascara, $32, is available at the Korres store in Raffles City Shopping Centre. For more information, visit and follow the brand on Facebook.

Tarte Maracuja Waterproof Creaseless Concealer, $39, is available at all Sephora stores. For more information, visit or and follow Tarte on Facebook and Sephora on twitter.

The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Smart Cushion, $41.90, is available at all The Face Shop stores. For more information, visit and follow the brand on Facebook.