Magnetic Nail Polish Story

Nail aficionados are a pretty progressive bunch. They adapt to new trends like fish to water, and boy do we have some news for nail buffs. Forget minx nails and shattered nails as the next big trend for your talons is finally here.

Remember when we first reported on magnetic nails hitting the US market back in September? Well, it’s finally here!

UK’s largest nail bar chain, Nails Inc is bringing their Magnetic Polish to Watsons’ My Vanity Box.

If you’re wondering what the big fuss is about, magnetic polish is basically nail colour which has been developed with metallic particles to create a swirly pattern on the nail when magnetic forces are used.

In this case, when the magnet is held over the nail (with polish on), the iron powder in the formulation gravitates towards the magnet forming a unique finish.

Magnetic Nail Hand ShotNot only is the finish interesting, it’s easy to achieve without the need to step into a nail place.

Simply apply the nail polish like you would normally, and after you layer on the second coat, hold the magnetic cap that comes with the bottle over your nail with the lip just below your cuticle so that it’s positioned perfectly. After 10-15 seconds, you’ll get a stunning wave effect on your nail.

We love the fact that we don’t need to be stuck in a nail salon for hours just to achieve a nail art-worthy finish. It’s fuss-free and right up our alley. 

Nails Inc Magnetic Polish is available in three shades – Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square and Whitehall at $21.90 each at Watsons’ My Vanity Box.

Watsons’ My Vanity Box collection is a chic beauty shelf that offers an array of Watsons’ latest beauty products available at Ngee Ann City, Bugis Junction, Jurong Point, IMM Building, Holland Village, Changi City Point and 112 Katong Mall.

For more tips on how to apply, check out this video: