Makeup and environmental pollutants will make skin dull over time. The honest truth is that we don’t scrub religiously like we should, or we neglect giving our skin a much-needed detox every once in a while. For these reasons, Lunamer’s Brightener is our beauty pick for the day.

Instead of a weekly or monthly detox, Lunamer’s Brightener works as a daily detoxing skincare product. The star of the range, it contains fruit acids and crown sugars that aim to soften and purify the skin with every swipe.

Before you start thinking that this product is a toner (or in Japanese skincare terms, lotion) ━ don’t. This product is to be used before your toner. So what it does is soften and detoxify your skin to its optimal level, so future skincare products can be readily absorbed, according to the company.

A key reason why we love this product is its innovative use of vitamin E. To increase the absorption of vitamin E, Lunamer purified the antioxidant to a nanosize a lot smaller than your pores. This makes it so small that it will supposedly penetrate your skin eight times more effectively. The brand also claims this particular form of vitamin E has an anti-inflammatory effect 70 times greater than vitamin C. So you get a product that purges your skin of daily impurities and brightens at the same time ━ on a daily basis no less.

Lunamer Brightener, $60, is available at Astalift boutiques in Ion Orchard and JEM. For more information, visit and follw the brand on Facebook.