YGEntertainment moonshot b2.png

K-Beauty junkies, meet the latest makeup must-haves by the fine folks at YG Entertainment. Alas, precious few pictures have been proffered to mark the massive record label’s first foray into the cosmetics playing field, so we’ll have to make do.

First impressions of the teaser ad visual? That’s one truly spectacular shade of metallic maroon on the eyes … but wait, is that a guy or a girl? Hard to tell, but that’s par for the course, really – K-Pop androgyny at its finest.

All told, the entire shebang will include more than 200 bits and bobs, and has been christened Moonshot – a clever if somewhat obscure reference to Apollo 11’s legendary lunar landing in 1969.

(I’m betting a good half of Moonshot’s target demo weren’t even walking the face of the earth in 1969, but you know how quirky these K-Pop pundits can be.)

YGEntertainment moonshot b1.png

In any case, the “out-of-the-world” collection (get it?) will drop in mid-October, with YG Entertainment looking to offer this internationally in the near future as well. The full lineup is still under wraps, but if this eye-popping purple pot is any indicator, we’ll be seeing lots of bombast and bold brights – music video-ready makeup, in other words.

Indeed, Epik High’s rapper Tablo says he’s already recorded a song especially for the cosmetics collection, so there’s the undoubtedly product-heavy music video to pore over when said video is released.

We also envision lots of other unabashed tie-ins with the music division of the label – get Epik High’s highlighter! Collect all five Big Bang palettes! – but what this will mean for CL and Dara of 2NE1’s lucrative beauty sponsorships with Maybelline and Clio is anyone’s guess, really. Watch this space!

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