One of the many lovely Aveda Holiday 2013 gift sets. The one pictured above, $69, is comprised of the brand’s Rosemary mint shampoo (250ml), Rosemary mint conditioner(200ml), Travel-size Rosemary Mint body wash (50ml) and Travel-size Rosemary Mint body lotion (50ml)

As far as we’re concerned, Aveda is barking up the right tree this festive season. We’re already big fans of the brand’s understated sandy-hued bottles, but the holiday packaging – made from Nepali bark, no less –  is really something special.

Partnering the Himalayan Bio-Trade papermaking cooperative, Aveda has bought scrolls of lokta bark paper, prepared by scores of Nepalese families and their communities. Aveda says that income from this time-honoured craft – the same bark has been used to ink royal decrees back in the 12th century – has directly benefited more than 4,900 people.

Nepali women in the process of peeling strips of native lokta bark

All in, more than 1,400,000 sheets of this non-toxic paper were commissioned, which has allowed 2,400 families to purchase basic amenities and send their kids to school. Because the trees have now become a way of making a living, 34,000 acres of lush forest have been preserved as well.

Buy one of the pre-packaged Aveda Holiday gift sets for the ones you love, and they’ll be holding paper that has changed the lives of someone else in Nepal. It’s a nice thought, isn’t it.

Aveda Holiday 2013 gift sets are available at all Aveda salons and experience centres.

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